What sports should you do to get a good shape body during this winter?

Having a good body is the dream of all women. To achieve this result, the best way is to get yourself involved in sports.

But with all kinds of different sports out there, it’s important to know the best directions to achieve your goal. Find here some sports you can do to get in good shape.


If you are looking for a sport to improve your body, the best is to resort to cardio exercises. It’s sporty style that will take your breath away. Dancing is one of the most recommended aerobic sports. Some dances allow you to expend more energy than others.



Zumba is fitness sport Where you’ll rock, jump and turn nonstop for an hour. In general, doing sports may seem daunting, but dancing is a lot easier. You will not see time pass. Zumba is a sport that works your abs, glutes, calves, arms, shoulders and even your back.

It’s the perfect sport to lose those love handles that refuse to disappear despite your best efforts. Moreover, Checkfood offers a very comprehensive list of tips to burn belly fat. In one Zumba session, you burn approximately 500 calories.

pole dance

It is true that this dance is famous for being practiced by strippers, but it is above all a sport in itself. It has become a recognized sports and artistic discipline since the nineties, so the sensual side of this dance is no longer as passive as it was before, and there are many courses to learn it. Column dance is a combination of floor dancing and acrobatics around a vertical bar. Your whole body will be summoned, because this dance is very demanding in terms of wrapping.


Aquagym is the gentler style of floor gymnastics. It is the most complete gentle sport. It offers many possibilities for exercise. Its biggest advantage lies in the fact that all muscle groups work. In addition, anyone can play this sport, regardless of age and physical condition. Aquagym requires diligent practice. To see results, you have to go three or four times a week.


Pilates is the perfect sport when you’re looking to get in shape. It’s a nice gym to do with many types of accessories that the teacher generally chooses. It can be circles, rubber bands, balloons, etc.


It allows real muscle strengthening by working the chest, buttocks, back, abdominal girdle and even the pelvic floor. To play this sport, you don’t need to be a great athlete. It is suitable for all levels. In addition, like yoga, Pilates also helps relieve stress. To see results in your own shape, you should do at least two one-hour sessions per week.

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