What shoes to wear to stay on trend?

Always in style no matter the season, boots are one of the best accessories. If shoes can be worn in all conditions, you should know how to choose the clothes to wear.

But it must be said, during the winter season, you should have a few pairs of shoes to be on trend. But then, which models to choose? There is no shortage of options. Here is a list of winter essentials.

Low boots: a winter must-have

Low boots are a must-have footwear in your closet in winter, and even during all other seasons. Very elegant tall boots, feminine as we like them. Can be adapted to any type of clothing: jeans, dress, suit…

If you wear low boots in winter, choose models with a small heel or at least a medium heel. This will prevent you from falling on slippery pavement. This way, wherever you go, whether you plan to go shopping, take a walk in the park or even stay home and bet on Belgian sports, your feet will enjoy optimal comfort.

In rainy weather, choose low-profile, waterproof shoes. You can choose them with laces or zippers. One thing is for sure: these boots will be the best travel companions when winter is on its way!

Military style platform shoes: the new trend

Do you have an informal date? Take out your boots with fighting style. With their platform, they will be very comfortable. Available in multiple colours, platform shoes look best in black. And for good reason, whether you’re wearing a light or dark outfit, your XL shoes will always enhance your look.

With an adventurous appeal, boots are worn with a tulle skirt, short shorts, or skinny or flared jeans. as you like. The ideas are multiple with these models of shoes.

Ankle shoes: very comfortable shoes

Although ankle boots have a somewhat masculine look, they have the advantage of providing unique comfort to your feet. If you associate them with the perfect look, you will surely have something to make people jealous!

To cover the masculine side of your ankle boots, you can, for example, combine it with a very feminine outfit. So dare you to a leather skirt, skinny jeans or a bodycon dress that accentuates your curves. The right combinations make the right clothes, don’t forget that.

Available in different models, the shoes are suitable for all directions. You will choose them according to your taste, and according to the clothes you plan to wear with the shoes.

Among the most sought-after shoes, we will not forget to mention those in leather. Whatever colors your clothes are, these will do the job perfectly. You can also resort to imitation moldings, which are less expensive or suede.

To keep your feet warm, remember to wear a pair of thick socks. Let them hang from the top of your shoes. You won’t be afraid to go outside, even in particularly cold weather.

Printed shoes: for an authentic look

Printed shoes can be allies for every day. You can wear it for a walk, to work, or for an evening with friends. Prefer a model that rises to the level of the knees and has a slightly pointed end.

Among the most popular winter prints, there are snake print, cow print, leopard print as well as zebra print. As for the outfit, be careful, because these shoes have a completely subtle style. It may be helpful to wear a long, dark dress or dark jeans.

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