What is this wonderful supplement that allows you to reduce wrinkles for this spring?

Are you looking for an anti-aging treatment that will allow you to reduce wrinkles? Experience the jade roller that is causing a stir among the pros!

Over time, our body undergoes the changes of aging. Whether it’s wrinkles or skin blemishes, these are never pretty. And that is exactly where the various anti-aging treatments come into play!

One of them especially caught our attention and the attention of cosmetologists. Have you ever heard of a jade roller? We tell you more in the following lines of our article!

Anti-aging care: what is a jade roller?

It’s a term you don’t hear every day. However, the jade roller is indeed one of the ideal accessories for effective anti-aging care. created and It is used by traditional Asian medicine specialistspassed down from generation to generation. Despite the passage of time, its popularity continues. It’s also now part of the secret tricks of Asians to maintain skin quality despite the weather.

Simply put, the Jade Roller is A facial massager consisting of a handle and a stone in the shape of a cylinder. A combination that made it a very satisfying anti-aging treatment. It will also be a good alternative to plastic surgery which is gaining more and more followers recently. This is understandable because the effects that can be extracted from it are visible from the first uses.

Fashion and makeup lovers swear by the jade roller for an early anti-aging treatment. Its main origins lie in the shape of the stone from which it is made. In fact, the oval shape of the latter will make it possible Redefine your face. Especially since a jade stone would have unexpected virtues on the skin.

To name a few, you should know that this anti-aging treatment also helps with relaxation. Between the massage and pressure exerted by this supplement, the blood flow will be optimally enhanced. At the same time, this supplement has the effect of reducing muscle tension and enhancing the radiance of your skin. As you understand, it is the perfect tool for your skin care.

How do you use a jade roller to perfect your complexion?

In order for the effects of jade roller to be significant for an anti-aging treatment, you should first consider regular use. The more you use it, the better it is for your skin. However, there are some characteristics that must be considered when using it. Everything will then depend on what time of day you plan to use it.

Do you prefer morning care? professionals Recommend anti-aging cold treatment With a jade roller to wake up your skin. So the latter will be more effective in this way to enhance the overall blood flow in your face. At the same time, know that this technique is aimed at eliminating puffiness in dark circles. The cool side of the stone will tighten the pores of your skin.

If you prefer an anti-aging treatment in the evening, consider first placing a jade stone under hot water for a few minutes. Heat will work Relaxes and relaxes the skin at the same time. An application that simultaneously removes dirt that may have accumulated during the day.

As for its application, know that this anti-aging remedy has no specific rule. However, you should apply your beauty cream beforehand. You can then roll the stone all over your face, pressing the areas you want to treat the most.

Anti-aging care: where to get it?

We tend to think that the jade roller is not on every street corner. However, many cosmetic brands have dedicated this little supplement to anti-aging care. Cosmetologists also recommend paying special attention when buying the latter to avoid unpleasant surprises.

This means in particular being careful of the mention: “Roller of jade” which can be misleading at times. The real pulleys we’re talking about here are very expensive and should be heavy. However, you can get it at specialized stores.

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