Watch out for these bad habits that experts say are ruining your routine!

Hair care is central to some people’s routine. However, there are several criteria to consider!

Speaking of hair care, most of us are used to following the homemade tips, however, there are still some rules and things to keep in mind!

In fact, not all methods are safe. Which ones should you absolutely consider and avoid? We will evaluate for you in the next few lines!

Bad habits should be eliminated during hair care

Unless you are trained in hairstyling, it is strictly forbidden to cut the bangs yourself. It is true that when you watch the tutorials on YouTube or Google, you get the impression that they look very easy. It is only natural that you want to experience the experience for yourself. However, this is not always the right way to adopt it! Because if you miss even a small part of your story, your hair will look nothing…

In order for you to succeed and correspond to the bangs, it is better to seek advice from experts. The safest way is to go to a hair salon. However, you can still find information on the Internet if you really want to learn this technique. This way, you can reproduce it when you want to cut the ends of your hair.

In order to learn how to do this, we can follow a tutorial … look at it several times before starting, and above all, do not start using kitchen scissorsHairstylist Delphine Cortell said. In fact, it is always necessary to inquire before doing anything. Hair is very fragile and sensitive.

Some of us are used to using products With conditioners that leave on the hair. When time is short, it is fairly practical and is always better than nothing. however, You don’t get the same intensity of care as with a rinse-out shampoo or mask.”. For good hair care, always leave it natural.

Recommendations from hairdressers

It is true that the best way to learn something is to practice it. However, it is better to refrain from dyeing hair at home. Yes, it’s exactly the same principle with the bangs in the paragraph above!

Therefore, it is always best to visit a hairdresser who specializes in this field. the reason ? This is because not all dyes will work for everyone. There are many criteria that must be met to do this. Whether it is related to the type of hair or depending on the color of a person’s skin.

The fact that high-quality products are used still does not guarantee an impeccable result. We can well Get a color lotion from your hairdresser to get rid of it Or just ask him what product he would buy from the supermarket. However, experiencing the experience alone is much more complicated and dangerous! Therefore, instead of making your hair shiny and lively, you risk damaging it.

use Pneumatic brush It allows you to get rid of dust from the hair. In addition, it improves blood microcirculation without attacking the scalp. It is best to add this activity to your morning and evening routine.

What gestures should be avoided to maintain healthy hair?

After shampooing our hair, almost the majority of women tend to let the latter rest. In some cases this may be appropriate, while in others it may not! This product is intended for washing. So unless indicated on its label, it shouldn’t be left to rest!

According to the advice Stephanie MahesIt may be interesting to extend the contact time between the product and the scalp a little from thirty seconds to one minute. This will soothe the scalp and treat dandruff. Basically, the most important thing is to know how to apply it well to your hair. To do this, make a few circular motions with your fingers when washing.

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