Top Chef nominee Diego Alari releases a new dessert recipe for the Easter holiday!

Top Chef’s young talent, Diego Alari continues to thrive behind the stove. This one is now on TikTok and his favorite Easter recipes are delighting her subscribers.

Recently, a former contestant on the popular cooking show top chef The M6 ​​is the latest buzz on the TikTok platform. An iconic figure who charmed spectators as well as the jury with his knack for searching for accessible, modern recipes.

This is the young chef of the Parisian Parisian restaurant whistling fathersDiego Alari! After leaving the show in the quarter-finals, the chef took to social media and shared several easy-to-make recipes there. And for the party that’s fast approaching, he’s got delicious Easter candy in our shop.

Unusual Easter candy

For this time, the new Easter candy recipe that Diego shared on his account is fake plate. We explain to you! The idea is to prepare sweet boiled eggs. Yes, an insidious idea that would take anyone who tastes it by surprise. The former Top Chef candidate wanted to fool his friends.

How do we reproduce this Easter candy? Well take something to jot down, you will need the following ingredients: 1 sheet of gelatin, 2 slices of sweet French toast, 1 mango. But also 1 lemon, 100 grams of sugar, 1 vanilla, 6 eggs, 500 grams of liquid cream. Diego reproduced a similar recipe during his visit to top chef.

Preparing Easter candy is not complicated! Start by breaking off the top of the shells in a circular fashion. Then gently remove the egg white and egg yolk. Next, take a saucepan in which you will heat the liquid cream over a low heat. Add vanilla, lemon zest and sugar. Once all the ingredients are well mixed, take the empty shell and pour the lotion into it. Then leave everything in the refrigerator. The former Top Chef filter made sure the steps were clear and accurate.

While the mixture is still resting, blend the mangoes and then place them in a freezer bag. Finally, to reproduce the effect optical illusionYou just have to insert the mixture into the shell as if it were an egg yolk. Discover the full Easter dessert recipe in our former Top Chef filter account. It will also be an opportunity to learn more about what he shares on the platform.

Diego Alari: Former Top Chef nominee becomes a star on Tik Tok

After conquering more than one heart and gaining visibility during the eleventh season of Top Chef, Diego Alari decided to launch himself on the popular Tik Tok platform by sharing easy-to-cook dishes like Easter candy. Soon he became very well known and began to collect a large number of subscribers. In fact, at present, it has nearly 2.8 million Followers And the number continues to rise.

The first content on his account was a recipe for Flamed guacamole with tequila. In a few days, it took off Over a million views on the platform. The delicacies presented by Diego, the young talent of Top Chef, have become a reference, just like the Easter dessert he recently launched. In fact, we have this desire to test all the recipes out there.

Diego Alari is the most followed French chef on this social network. He says he wants to show the world, especially young people, that cooking can be easy and affordable for everyone. Hence the idea of ​​registering on TikTok. Viewers of Top Chef were thrilled to see him continue his passion. The Easter candy he recently posted has really gone viral.

His most-watched recipes on the platform are the famous chocolate truffles, sweet potatoes, quiche bread… But for Easter, the former Top Chef candidate came up with the original idea for an Easter dessert, meant to make some kind of joke dessert.

The former Top Chef nominee has released his first recipe book (Easter candy, black meal, etc.)

In fact, at the end of 2021, Diego Alari decided to share with us his precious recipes, including Easter candy. called his book In the kitchen with Diego Alari – 40 recipes in less than 30 minutes He was released a few weeks before Christmas. Viewers can repeat their Top Chef show from home.

In this book, you can find 10 of his special preparations for TikTok as well as 30 new recipes. Easy-to-prepare dishes like Easter fudge that take no more than 30 minutes to cook. You can also find there the little tips and tricks he learned during his visit to top chef.

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