This trick will prevent you from gaining weight during the holidays

Summer is here and vacation plans are ready. But if the only thing you want to take back from your vacation is a souvenir that fits in your bag and isn’t extra bulky, there’s a simple step you can take while enjoying the trip. Here is a tip that will help you not gain weight this summer. One study looked at the effect of scale on weight gain while on vacation.

Experts say using a scale or increasing alertness can help people avoid excessive weight gain while on vacation.

Researchers at the University of Georgia reveal that people who weigh themselves daily during times when they are more indulgent, such as vacations and parties, are better at maintaining or even losing weight than those who don’t dare stand on the scale.


In the study, published in the scientific journal Obesity, researchers divided 111 adults between the ages of 18 and 65 into two groups, one of whom had to weigh themselves daily. As part of this intervention, the study authors asked participants to try to maintain their starting weight for the duration of the study, which ran from Thanksgiving to the day after New Years Eve. However, the researchers did not give them specific instructions on how to do this. Participants were free to choose, whether through exercise, calorie reduction, or any other method of their choosing.

On the other hand, the control group was not weighed daily nor did they receive any instructions regarding their weight. At the end of the intervention and after a 14-week follow-up period, participants who weighed themselves daily were able to maintain or even lose their weight. Meanwhile, the control group gained weight.

Researchers explain that people are highly sensitive to deviations or differences between their current state and their norm or goals. When they see this discrepancy, it leads to a change in behaviour. Self-measurement of daily weight ends up for people in a very straightforward way.

Is weight gain while on vacation worth worrying about?

Research indicates that adults often gain between 0.4 and 0.9 kg during the holiday season. People who are overweight or obese often gain more weight during this time. This type of weight gain can be cumulative, that is, it rarely disappears, but increases frequently. Over the years and decades, this “creeping obesity” increases the risk of weight-related health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Since the potential for food skew is higher on vacation, any way to increase accountability i.e. make you think twice about eating your third cookie before bed because knowing you have to stand on the scale the next morning is a good thing. However, it is important to understand that the variance of scale settings is high, so it is not worth trying to compare your weight on your home scale to your hotel scale.

Never mind the obsession: don’t spoil your vacation

Be forewarned, there are also some travel factors that you need to take into consideration, things that can bump up the number on the scale even if you don’t gain weight. Air travel often causes significant water retention, which can affect your gauge. With this in mind, use Libra on vacation as a way to increase accountability, reduce harm, and keep calm.

For other experts, the motivation to weigh yourself every day may actually be more problematic than gaining a few extra grams from a frozen margarita.
When we think about health, it is important to take into account all the factors that affect our well-being, including our mental health. When a person feels compelled to weigh themselves daily, it can lead to underlying stress and anxiety that literally sucks the happiness out of life. If you are going on vacation.

Is there a middle ground between weight and weightlessness?

A halfway approach can be the way to enjoy your vacation and not worry about the weight gain that can be achieved with a little vacation. An obsession with over a few pounds exposes us to a restrictive mindset that drives us to an unsustainable all-or-nothing lifestyle.
But worrying about gaining a little weight can be hard to overcome, precisely because once you gain weight, it’s hard to lose it. Perhaps the best way to enjoy your vacation without having to constantly monitor the scale is to approach the vacation in a more reasonable way.

It’s common to pamper yourself more than usual on vacation, usually due to exposure to new experiences. These behaviors do not need to be measured by body weight, whether on vacation or not. Conversely, mindful eating behaviors, whether you are at home or on vacation, allow you to enjoy your time measured by subjective experiences, rather than by objective body weight.


If you’ve been trying very hard to lose or maintain your weight, you may already be accustomed to putting on weight yourself. Maintaining this habit while you’re away from home for a little rest can help you control the scale’s swing. But if it spoils the holiday fun you crave, don’t weigh yourself and eat a little more attention. Splurge when it’s worth it, but don’t overdo it with every meal, every day.


Daily self-weight to prevent holiday weight gain in adults

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