This sad revelation from the former lieutenant colonel is not rocket science about his career!

Jimmy Gormaud will be retiring early soon. A situation that surprised his fans a lot!

Who does not know Jimmy Gormaud? He has been a star on the small screen for several years. We tend to associate it with the TV show It’s Not Rocket Science! on France Television because it was the first program it was on probation.

It should be noted that this host first appeared on the air of this program. Since then, this little man with glasses has conquered the hearts of all people! Recently, a bad rumor has been circulating about this illustrious character. What is it about? We give you the details!

Jamy Gourmaud: Let’s go famous animator!

Jimmy Gormo She is the avatar for “It’s not rocket science!”. This show saw its first days on the air a few years ago. This presenter witnessed every step towards the success of this exclusive show. Basically, this program is for educational purposes because all the information provided to the viewers is scientific information!

Even being educational, this program has been a huge hit with the public. why ? We reveal to you its many peculiarities! This front-of-the-box success for “It’s Not Rocket Science! It pretty much goes to Jimmy Gormaud. He’s the star that made this show shine and still does! His sense of humor and his sense of humor made his fans fall in love with the show!”

Jimmy Gormaud also had a skill Turn this boring science program into a joke. However, with an approach without compromising its educational nature! To this end, the program imparts knowledge to the audience while making them laugh. Sometimes, they manage to explain very complex concepts without any ambiguity in the message!

Once at the top of his career, France Télévisions Assign him other tasks More fun to do! In this way, Jamy Gourmand reached out to the head of other programs such as “Le Monde de Jamy” and “C Jamy”. In addition, his career saw itself moving more and more to the front of the stage. Suddenly it is announced that the host is abandoning the world of media. What a shock!

Viewers will miss this sacred character!

Until now, The public is far from ignorant The idea of ​​the departure of this painter. Because it is already related to the latter! For them, Jimmy Gourmand’s decision to leave is insane because he’s so good at his field. He brings the shows he hosts to life but also manages to bring beautiful smiles to viewers’ faces!

After his departure, the public fears that the world will be turned upside down in France’s TV programmes! His performance and theatrical games are unique. No other presenter will be able to achieve the same accomplishments as Jimmy Gormaud! Moreover, the France 5 community will be affected by his absence in “C Jamy”.

To this end, we sincerely hope that Jimmy Gormaud They may reconsider their decision. On the contrary, the world of television will lose a golden person in its ranks. In addition, the public will be very disappointed not to find this date every day in France 5 that they care about so much! Through your fingers he changes his mind!

After several in-depth studies of the situation, the reality of things is the opposite of the public’s suspicions. by the way, There was a huge misunderstanding about this matter. Hence the great controversy over this news! It should be noted that Jimmy Gormo is not going to give up his career. With good reason he cares about her as much as he does the cow in his eye!

Jamie Gormaud: The presenter is staying, but C Jamy is coming to an end!

Incredibly, this is the stark truth! To the delight of fans of Jimmy Gormaud, the presenter of the program He will not leave his position at France TV . All in all, we found out that the new show “C Jamy” is ending this year!

According to the information obtained, the broadcast of the program will end its season for the month of June 2022. In addition, Good luck to all fans of this show Because it will leave France TV antenna soon!

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