This natural mask will renew your look for 10 years, so try it now!

To keep your skin young, plastic surgery is not necessary. But did you know that using natural masks can give more than one satisfactory result?

Skin rejuvenation is a big question that is frequently asked among people who are getting older. Many women have expensive treatments for their skin.

However, there are natural remedies to look younger. This is the case of these different practices that we suggest you follow. Find out the details in this section.

What is the trick to eternal youth?

While it is common for cosmetic surgery to even out your skin tone, the process can be very slow and expensive. Sometimes people spend a bad quarter of an hour, if not more, with the surgeon. The results can be really amazing. However, aesthetics are not always present.

Do you want to rejuvenate your skin and save money at the same time? Invitation to use White rice. Make a mask from your kitchen to subtract 10 years from your age. For this, you will need 3 tablespoons of rice, 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of honey. All-natural ingredients for an amazing result.

How to prepare this mask? Boil the rice and then drain it. Don’t throw the water away because we’ll need it eventually. Crush the rice and add a spoonful of hot milk to this powder. Then add honey to this mixture. Your natural mask is ready to use. Wash your face and let it air dry.

Once you have completed this step, apply your homemade mask. leave the cream dry completely before rinsing your face. To do this, take the water from the porridge that you set aside. Your cleanser is the final touch to the treatment. This process should be repeated as often as you can. The result will be noticeable as practice progresses.

Collagen remains the best anti-wrinkle ever

If collagen remains an unparalleled product, it is not easy to obtain. In fact, pure collagen is very expensive. However, the desired effect will really be there. If you can have it, this makeup tip is for you to get a flawless finish. You will also need a file Piece of cactus.

tiny amount of collagen powder enough for this treatment. Let’s say a teaspoon. Extract the juice from the aloe vera in a bowl, bowl or cup preferably. Then pour collagen powder into this liquid and mix well. Once you have a homogeneous texture, coat your face with it. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

yes You are in your thirtiesIt’s time to think about preserving your skin. For this purpose, sanding the skin is the most suitable technique. However, you can also opt for homemade masks. But with more or less divergent practices. If you use face creams, choose ones that are high in collagen. But you can also give preference to natural products.

With that in mind, head to your kitchen. In fact, there are all components that slow down the aging of the skin. One can, for example, cite Coconut Oil. Its antioxidant-rich properties provide plenty of benefits for the skin. Olive oil is a very effective treatment for the skin. In this case, get in the habit of applying it to your face or all of your skin.

Food to master our trick

Our body naturally produces collagen. With age, the amount produced decreases until it completely disappears. to Recreated by the body, it is necessary to franchise some foods. We offer you a fairly comprehensive list. First of all, increase the level of vitamins of all kinds, especially vitamin C. You should also consider refueling with zinc.

This mineral is obtained from different types of seafood, egg yolks, soybeans … Antioxidant foods also act on the skin and increase collagen production. In addition, Vitamin E is also an essential ally. all meat It is also consumed in large quantities.

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