This miraculous weight loss blend should be tested at all costs this winter!

Despite the cold, it is quite possible to lose weight in the winter. According to some studies, the miraculous blend in particular will promote weight loss without necessarily depriving yourself. Find out which one.

Between fondue and good holiday dishes, winter is the period when weight is most likely to gain. A trend that can however be reversed. Thanks to a rather special blend, you have the possibility to improve weight loss! How it works ? We answer you!

All the properties of this mixture for slimming

You’ve probably heard of it before: the mixture of honey and garlic works wonders! Besides its health benefits, you can consider it as an aid to lose weight this winter. In fact, its regular consumption helps to Reduce the risk of weight gain.

For this you can count on the different properties of these two components. Garlic is an essential spice for a good recipe. If some people don’t appreciate its smell, know that it has a great smell Amount of flavonoids. An element called antioxidants whose main function is to stabilize weight. If you follow a diet, the latter will thus prevent the resumption of the lost pounds. But it is also your best ally for losing weight.

Other health professionals will also say that garlic reduces fat storage in the body. This time we can count on Purifying properties Of this spice for weight loss. In fact, there is no doubt about the accumulation of fats that the body will not use during the winter period. It will also be easier to reduce the risk of the yo-yo effect if you have already gone on a diet. Especially since the feeling of heat it brings while consuming it reminds us of the fat burning effect.

Honey is also left out to promote weight loss. This is why it is considered the perfect ingredient to accompany garlic. In particular, you can Depends on its composition In sugar for it. Unlike white sugar, this ingredient gives a better taste without adding calories to the mixture.

How do you prepare a mixture of garlic and honey?

Preparing this perfect mixture for winter weight loss is very simple. In particular, you will need 135 gm garlic and 237 ml honey. No time to weigh everything? Don’t panic! It is enough to take the same amount of garlic and honey that you take in the cup. It is enough to make a mixture in sufficient quantities for a large part of the winter.

The first step in preparing this perfect winter weight loss blend is to prepare garlic. This component must be separated and then pre-peeled. Only the skin should be removed during this test. Then remember to put it in a clean container. Make sure the latter can be closed without holding too much air in order to maintain your readiness over time.

Then add honey to the bowl so that it covers all the garlic. Since the spice remains in the pod, this will give it the taste of honey but also develop all its properties. If your honey has smaller amounts of garlic, feel free to add more so that the serving is as effective as possible.

Finally, mix the garlic and honey covering it. You can close the container and shake it little by little until the honey reaches the bottom of the jar. Then put the jar tightly closed in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Leaves Rest for 24 or 48 hours circumference before consuming it for the first time.

Weight loss: how to consume your miracle mixture?

Once your winter weight loss blend is ready, you can consume it in a variety of ways. It is especially easy to add this preparation to your breakfast The flavor of your tea. To maintain the same state of mind, you can add a few sauces either to salads or to season meats.

Of course, losing weight will be more effective by taking it a tablespoon in the morning. This mixture will be kept for a maximum of one month. It is therefore important to take the preparation dose well so as not to overdo it.

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