This is a very important detail that you absolutely must know to get a modern style this spring!

Find out in this hairstyle tip the elements to consider before embarking on a hair ritual!

A new hair style is essential as this spring season arrives. Women are all happy to make appointments with their regular hairdresser/stylist.

However, there are details that most of us tend to forget when we’re about to adopt a new look. Fortunately, there is this hairstyle tip that will guide you the right way.

Tips: Small details to consider

As we always say, it’s better to be early than late. In fact, this statement already carries its principle in this hairstyle tip. For a hair stylist to see your hair style model and make it tangible, it’s always a good idea to bring a photo or video reference!

This will allow you to really see what your haircut tastes like! This hairstyle tip is very practical and also effective for your hairdresser to keep the exact image of the hairstyle that he will depend on you. Same goes for the colors you want to wear!

In general, more and more people are following this hairstyle advice which is not very practical according to an expert opinion. This is actually about letting our hair dry before going to the beauty salon or hairdresser. Private opposes that it is not very ideal to let your stylist work on dirty hair, and that it is always necessary to maintain good hygiene!

Should you wash your hair or not before going to the barbershop? Well, the answer is absolutely yes! This way, your barber will have a clearer idea of ​​the condition of your hair fibres. It’s also a detail that will make his work easier! We develop it for you in the hair tip lines below!

Be careful when you want to bleach!

In this hairstyle tip, we will explain to you why bleaching your hair is not really recommended. First of all, extreme bleaching is just as harmful to your hair fibers as coloring! In fact, there is something called sebum that collect on your scalp! That is why it is not recommended to use highly advanced shampoos. Just enough water!

In fact, by having very clean hair, it will also be easier to discover the hair style and natural color of your hair. The tip of the hairstyle advises you to gently wash it, just to get rid of dirt like dust! This is definitely the best way to get your hair in good condition when it’s clean!

According to professional hairstylist Tom Smith, all you have to do is add a little buildup of natural oil to give your hair fibers some protection from various irritations! However, we think you should remember something you need to know with this hairstyle tip.

Generally, discoloration is clarification Hair and not just to change your appearance! Know that this step will allow you to get up to 8 well-marked tones if you bet on the right methods! And that, you find them in this hairstyle tip.

Hairstyle tip: how to bleach your hair correctly?

In general, if you choose to color With chemical ingredientsYou will have to wait at least 2 weeks to proceed to the next step! Because otherwise, your hair fibers will unfortunately be damaged! Know that this will also weaken the condition of your hair! Find out without further delay the tip of the hairstyle below the rest of the stages for application.

For this hairstyle tip, we advise you to choose whitening powder. The latter will also neutralize warm tones, which will subsequently allow to change the color easier and more efficiently! As a last tip, consider asking a colorist for information when you want to color your hair again! But don’t do it yourself!

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