This fruit has many benefits for your health, experts recommend it!

Dates are a food rich in natural sugar. Moreover, this fruit is packed with nutrients and can be eaten in moderation!

It grows on palm trees in small groups. The word date means “dactulos” in Greek which means fingers. They are harvested Autumn and early winter. In general, it tastes fresher at this time of year.

Note that many people eat it dry. In addition, this food can be stored for a long time in a closed container. Without further ado, discover in the following lines all the benefits of this famous fruit!

Benefits of eating this food

First of all, know that dates have a very delicious taste! In addition, they contain proteins, minerals and vitamins. This diet is also rich in polyphenols. These are antioxidant compounds that can protect the body from infections. contain more than polyphenols than most other vegetables and fruits.

Did you know that dates are an alternative to empty calories sweets? In fact, this diet can satisfy the human need for sugar while providing it essential nutrients Such as “vitamin B6 and iron”.

Moreover, the dates rich in fiber. Just one cup of this diet provides 12% of an individual’s daily fiber needs. Moreover, these molecules help our bodies feel full for as long as possible!

Dates are also rich in potassium. It is an electrolyte that the body needs for a healthy heart. In addition, they are excellent for substitute sugar. Note that sugar in pastry recipes can be substituted for this diet. However, the consumption of this fruit is beneficial and necessary for our body!

Nutritional information for the date

It is one of the most common types of dates that can be found in the supermarket.” Deglet Nour Dates The average size diet for this diet has 20 grams of calories, 0.03 grams of total fat, 5.33 grams of carbohydrates, and 0.6 grams of dietary fiber. But also 4.5 grams of sugar, 0.17 grams of protein, And 0.012 milligrams of vitamin B6, 0.07 milligrams of iron, 3 milligrams of magnesium, and 47 milligrams of potassium!

Compared to the rest of its nutritional value, dates have a sugar content very high. Diabetics, like anyone else trying to control their blood sugar levels, need to be extra careful when eating this diet!

Even if a person has diabetes, eating a little of this diet is unlikely to raise blood sugar levels excessively. Moreover, a study showed that dates are food low GI. So it does not cause high blood sugar in diabetics!

It is true that researchers have only a small sample of research on this diet. However, their findings suggest that consuming it in moderation should not have negative effects. The level of sugar in a person’s blood.

How do you store this food?

It is always better to choose undamaged and shiny products when purchasing them. Be aware, moreover, that dates can be stored in a file airtight container In the refrigerator for several months. Plus! You can also put it in the freezer. Dried dates will keep for about a year in an airtight container if refrigerated. But if it’s frozen, you can store it for up to two years or more! However, it is highly not recommended to eat this food when it smells sour!

Eating dates can be an easy way for one to incorporate a profile fresh fruit in his diet. When eaten in moderation, know that they can provide essential nutrients. But also key elements like potassium, magnesium, manganese or even iron!

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