These super cute models of floppy dresses are a real hit this summer!

Between two hot seasons, it is impossible not to think about a fashionable dress. To do so, here is a list of long dresses to choose from.

Since the beginning of summer, we have been guided by the desires of the sun and tanning. Unleash the trendy dress and choose among the models presented in this article!

One password, all daring allowed. Discover the most beautiful pieces that have been spotted at the largest distributors.

Fashionable dress at a low price!

We start this list with favorites of choice. Dress sold at a discount but nonetheless great! in home Boho, we got this long, flowy dress Which will crack more than one. And to complete his style, this dress wore a color that would be a hit this summer. Bright orange with floral motifs as desired, this piece truly deserves a spot in your modern dress choice.

But it’s not over yet, this trendy dress has a Ultra feminine wrap cut. Its side slit will allow your legs to enjoy the sun whenever you want. Long sleeves are a safe bet for the skin. In fact, we know that too much sun kills magic. And to please all the fashionistas, this outfit only costs €38 On the Boohoo!

If you are looking for trendy items at low prices, Zara It is also the direction of first choice. And with this floppy printed pattern, summer promises to be fun and festive! First of all, its wide cut provides significant advantages to this piece. Yes, this modern dress is designed to follow you everywhere during the summer holidays.

Next up, the long puffed sleeves worn by this piece make it onto the trendy dress list this summer. In fact, this Sewing style is very popular online for some time. But in addition to being popular, this outfit brings a bohemian vibe that makes fashion designers fall in love. For 55.95 euros, you can adopt this method whenever you want!

Elegant and distinctive at any cost!

But if you are looking for a file classroom…a modern dress for special occasions, Double G will be your ally. An original piece was spotted on the brand’s website. Everything about this dress is made to please us. All of their cut, patterns drawn on them and even length. And if you watch her carefully, she will say the same!

For a small amount of 1,100 euros, you can pamper yourself with this long, asymmetrical dress from the brand. with puffed ¾ sleeves Another retouched, this dress is all you need to feel comfortable. Daring to be daring with your eyes closed, this modern dress wears a red flower to immerse you in a warm summer vibe.

and in Zadig and VoltaireYou also have a casual model that all fashionistas will envy. A modern veiled dress in sky blue with a long and flowing cut, this is what the brand offers you. And the creased detail on the stand-up collar is a plus that shouldn’t be underestimated.

For 495 euros, be elegant with this modern dress offered by the brand. Long sleeves are especially popular and This room has nothing to envy others. If you’re very skinny, wear this outfit with a belt around the waist to redefine all your shapes. This trick can also work for a round person!

How do you wear your modern dress this summer?

During the holidays, each character will still assert themselves in this way, there is no fixed code. However, if you want to bring a file natural touch To your trendy dress, choose raffia or crochet accessories! A strappy sandal can compliment your style too.

But for an impeccable style of your dress, be sure not to forget about the decorative details. hat It is always a good omen during periods of high heat. And with potential heat waves on the horizon, complementing your trendy dress with this accessory is an ingenious idea.

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