The must-have looks for curly hair lovers this year!

A woman has pure beauty especially if she treats her hair well. The culture femme prepares a summer 2022 hairstyle for your curly hair.

It is not always easy to maintain our hair especially if it is curly. The latter are the wishes of some women who love change and want to experiment. Curly hair care requires daily strength.

On the other hand, these styles will fit well with this summer 2022 hairstyle and especially for the start of the new season. Culture Femme reveals all the curly hair types you can test to impress the street.

Summer Hairstyle 2022: Short Curly Hair

We all say that if someone cuts her hair, she starts a new life. In fact, everyone has their own beliefs and a change in hairstyles can lead to new things. In general, some adjustments can be made to suit this summer hairstyle 2022.

The bun is a summer 2022 hairstyle because it allows you to enjoy the ambient air just by stepping out. For naturally curly hair, it is advisable to make a low bun with braids. You will ask someone close to you to braid you and pull it into a low ponytail. You can fix everything with pins. There you’ll be ready to take on the heat of the season.

As a summer 2022 hairstyle, you can also opt for a bantu knot, especially if you have naturally curly hair. You may look a little old but know that Many artists walked the red carpet with this hairstyle. As they say, the hairstyle is elegant and above all easy to achieve. In fact, all you have to do is divide your hair into sections according to the number of knots you want to wrap on themselves.

To finish the short hairstyle summer 2022, we advise you to experiment with curly hair and a cut with bangs. This is a trendy hairstyle and your hair will be very light and defined. On the other hand, you should go to a salon to achieve this as it requires professional intervention.

long curly hair

Many believe that long curly hair is difficult to maintain when the right styles are followed. The latter is easy to make and does not require any heat treatment. After applying the products and drying your hair, simply prepare a bun to your liking.

There is also the back ponytail which makes you look more mature and elegant too. This summer 2022 hairstyle is easy and smooth just lock the crown of your head with gel. Then brush it off and let the rest air dry. Next, secure everything with bobby pins or rubber pins to keep the pattern in place.

Long hair has more weight and curly hair can stretch and become very round or triangular. Long curly hair with a layered cut will give you an eye-catching look if you have applied the right products.

All of these hairstyles have their own characteristics and are not suitable for all types of curly hair. Some say a razor isn’t a good tool at all while using it can make you look choppy and shaggy. As a result, it is recommended to use the razor only for light curls.

Summer Hairstyle 2022: Curly Medium Length Hair

Medium lengths also have a place in summer 2022 hairstyles because many women like to keep their hair looking bouncy. Here we will talk about styles inspired by the 90s Very high and fashionable hairstyle It can be worn on high-profile occasions.

To showcase your beauty with this summer 2022 hairstyle, we advise you to wear bright red lipstick. Therefore, hold the bun in place vertically at the top of your head. It is essential to enhance the ends with a curl-defining cream to keep it looking beautiful.

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