The introduction to the Queens of Shopping program reveals the secret to radiant skin!

Christina Cordola fans will not come back! The announcer reveals the secret of her glowing skin, the price is only 35 euros!

TV presenter, image consultant, influencer… Cristina Cordola has many hats! And despite his busy schedule, our fifty-year-old son never seems to be careless.

If there’s one detail that interests, it’s her luminous skin in all circumstances. How did you do that? M6 anchor reveals her secret to us in an unpublished Instagram post. We reveal the details!

Christina Cordola at the head of a range of cosmetics

It’s a long-term project that Cristina Cordola revealed to us for 2021! While she was already well known in the world of the small screen, the fifty-year-old insisted Advise the general public. And what is better than the cosmetics market to reveal the secrets of its beauty to those who follow it? Advertising spread across the web in a jiffy!

After advice on the right way to get ready, Christina Cordola set out to create a line of beauty products. A project she has been preparing for us for two years According to the posts you shared on social networks. We can only expect the latter to be a success given the enthusiasm you put into preparing for it.

So far, few products have been revealed in “Magnifaik” domain. Products that care for your skin and also your skin in a general context. Although the products were only released a few months ago, their success is truly unprecedented! It didn’t take long for fans of the small screen star to get it.

Other products will be coming. As always, Christina Cordola knows how to do what it takes to cater to her fans. In terms of beauty, it has become a real reference. So when she reveals her little beauty secrets to us, fashionistas are sure to respond! Something that inspires you to take care of your skin.

What is her secret to perfect skin?

In every appearance on the small screen, Christina Cordola wows us with her talents as a fashion designer. On the influencer side, she knows how to do it with her subscribers! It has all assets to show at its best with those who follow it. But, of course, her skin remains the detail that gets the most attention. And for good reason: Whatever the day or season, the presenter doesn’t seem to have any skin blemishes.

A secret she told us about when her product line was launched. In fact, Christina Cordola is not one to sell what you don’t know. but for skin careFifty-year-old set a routine that she created herself. Moreover, through its use, it establishes the publications that it issues on its product range.

If Christina Cordola has such nice skin, it’s thanks to using “This is the basis”. Use this product as a first resort to restore your skin tone. And if she plans to do a make-up session after that, then she will take care of her skin completely in advance. As a reminder, it’s a “skin enhancer” as the page indicates.

This product is “Refreshed and radiant skin” which will not go unnoticed. Christina Cordola completes her routine with another product from her brand. This is “Au Taquet”. This other product from the brand also promises extra care for your skin.

Christina Cordola: a range of products at low prices!

Now that you know Christina Cordola’s secret, it’s only natural that you’ll want to be inspired. Advantages of their products? A range of cosmetics with completely healthy and safe ingredients. As the brand “Magnifaik” indicates, the latter is suitable for all skin types, especially fragile skin.

Price-wise, Christina Cordola was solid too! To get the same skin as the latter, you just have to pay a trifle price €35. A very affordable treatment that promises to make people happy!

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