The discount program reveals a selection of products for the successful Easter 2022 menu!

Lidl puts plates in big plates for Easter! Discover the range of products for a unique menu.

Sure, Lidl thought of everything to make the Easter holiday happy. The German brand has no shortage of ideas for perfecting your interior design.

But more than that, the company excels at the food plan. And this is still noticeable with the various menu ideas that you offer for the occasion. Looking for a party meal idea for this upcoming celebration? Read the following lines!

Lidl: Great entry!

Who said an Easter menu had to be difficult to prepare? At Lidl you will be able to find items of all kinds that are as easy to prepare as they are delicious. Among its latest products, you will find, for example, “sea verrines” That will appeal to young and old alike. Already ready to serve, the latter brings “a variety of seafood flavors to your guests” as the German brand promises.

So these are 8 cups that will be at your fingertips. Prepare a Lidl sign that you can serve during appetizers and appetizers. The latter in particular contains two pieces of smoked seabass, carrot mousse and cottage cheese. Two others contain smoked salmon with the same batter. For the other four vines, you’ll have the choice between salmon and apple or Louisiana lobster with pineapple.

If you want something more substantial, Lidl also has something for you! This is especially the case with picking the perfect macaroons for the start of Easter. In all, there are 12 pieces that you can accompany with a small salad to please your guests. Especially since they are prepared with high quality products.

These two items will come out In Lidl stores on April 13. their real addition? competitive price! So you won’t have to break the bank to take advantage of this offer. Verrines are available for only €5.99. As for the smoked salmon macaroon, its price is 4.29 euros. A real good deal for a lovely getaway in April!

And what about the resistance?

Once you’ve finished your appetizers, you can still count on Lidl to provide you with interesting recipe ideas. If you do not have much time to cook, then these dishes will be very useful. There in particular A mixture of sweet veal bread and mashed potatoes. Transformed in France, this product has all the assets to satisfy your guests or family meal.

In a quantity of 300 grams, a Lidl dish is served in 3.99 euros only. If you want to take a kilo of the latter, it will be necessary to calculate 13.30 euros. Again, it is very good to spend holidays in the best conditions without spending long hours in the kitchen. This product will also be available on the shelves of the German brand on April 13th!

If you want to show a little originality, you can also test Octopus Carpaccio from Italiamo. The latter can be incorporated into your list in different ways. Cooking enthusiasts will be delighted to have this Lidl ingredient in their cupboards! And if you get it in advance, know that it can be stored before the festivities.

In terms of price, Lidl knows how to please their customers! Here again, there will be no need to break the bank to take full advantage of the quality menu during the Easter holidays. The brand offers this food for only 3.29 euros.

Lidl: Chocolate is on the agenda!

What would Easter be without a good dose of chocolate? Lidl has diversified its choices for this occasion in order to allow you to spend beautiful moments with family or friends. So you will find things suitable for children as adults in its rays. This is fromChocolate eggs with rabbits in different flavors !

You can even count on Lidl to find a sweet dessert made with this ingredient. whatever Tiramisu or chocolate mousse-The choice is wide enough to complete your list. Don’t hesitate anymore, shop for the beautiful Easter festivities!

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