The Dirty Keto Diet allows you to lose weight without having to deprive yourself during this spring!

To lose weight without having to deprive yourself this season, why not try the new Dirty Keto Diet for Slimming?

Discover without delay the Dirty Keto Diet to successfully lose weight and reduce weight without depriving yourself this season! With the sunny days back, it’s time to take charge and shed those extra pounds.

For this, a new method of slimming has appeared. This is Dirty Keto. Quickly scroll below to learn more about it!

What exactly is Dirty Keto for weight loss?

Spring and well sunny days are already back. This is the perfect time to try to shed some of your extra pounds before summer comes around. Recently, a completely new diet has appeared in the world of slimming and well-being.

This is the dirty keto diet. Then you should definitely ask yourself what this new method of slimming consists of. Then the latter is based on the same rules as the already known ketogenic diet.

Then the latter consists in bringing the body into a state of ketosis. This is a condition in which the body depends on its own fat reserves. So Dirty Keto is inspired by this principle but with some modifications.

As the name suggests, this is not a healthy or particularly restrictive diet. The latter is much more free than the ketogenic diet but allows you to lose weight.

How to Follow the Dirty Keto Diet?

Now that you know more about Dirty Keto, you must be wondering how to adopt it at home. Don’t worry, you won’t need to drastically change your diet.

Thus, with this method of slimming, you will have great freedom in the products that you will consume. You can also eat processed products, ready-made meals, or go to fast food outlets.

However, you will have a very specific rule to follow. In fact, as in the case of the ketogenic diet, you must ensure that your diet consists mainly of fats, about 80%, then proteins, about 10 to 15% and finally carbohydrates, about 5%. As long as you respect these proportions, you can eat whatever you want. As you can imagine, this diet is not necessarily very good for your health.

Frequent consumption of ready-made meals or fast food is not recommended. But it seems that this method of slimming succeeded in attracting many followers around the world. It remains to be seen if it is really effective.

Results of this diet to lose weight

You now know how to adopt this new diet. But, you should definitely ask yourself what results you will get in terms of weight loss. It turns out that this diet has very interesting results for all those who want to find the streak this season. Thus, within a few weeks, you should be able to shed your extra pounds without facing any particular difficulties.

However, this diet is not necessarily very good for your health. You will be consuming foods rich in salt as well as additives. That is why we advise you not to follow this method in the long term. You can try it for 1-2 weeks but don’t try to follow it any longer. You are now familiar with the Dirty Keto Method. All you have to do is test it and see what results you will get!

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