The brand that brings life to its customers’ creativity!

We have all dreamed of making our own jewelry. With the fine jewelry brand Les Joyaux d’Auré, the dream has come true.

Want to involve their customers in the creation process JeweleryAurelia, founder Online jewelry store Les Joyaux d’Auré embarks on a crazy adventure: shows her behind the scenes in order to create her products.

Through his Facebook group Les Joyaux d’Aure – Jewelery creations »» shares her future jewelry sketches, collaborates and exchanges with her most loyal customers. The group’s goal is simple: to allow its customers to participate more actively in the adventure. Ori JewelsBy giving their opinions, but also by presenting their own design idea for jewelry for women . With this chat room, turned into a virtual workspace, Aurelia supports its clients in designing filesJeweleryUntil to accomplish them.

Jewels of Aure – Jewelery creations”

Relying on the imagination of its clients, Ori Jewels It stands out from other brands thanks to an attractive concept. Which is already bearing fruit since some new high fashion jewelryFor sale on the online store was created in direct cooperation with them. We applaud!

counter tide jewelry brand

Cooperation with its customers is not the only strength of urian gems . Away from the opacity of the world of traditional jewelry, the brand created by Aurélia in 2019 focuses on transparency and authenticity by offering Unique jewelry In shapes and colors you can’t find anywhere else.

Going against the trend of big brands with their large inventory, Aurélia fantasizes and produces a few models, but each of her creations is a real treat. Carefully thought out, working down to the smallest detail, jewels jewels ori Attracting.

counter tide jewelry brand
counter tide jewelry brand

With their flowers and pearls, multicolored zircon, their own shapes, high fashion jewelry The banner is elegant, feminine, and simply beautiful.

925 silver for impeccable quality

And as their Creator reminds us, a beautiful gem he is jewelthat lasts. in home Ori Jewels There is no compromise on quality. finish the jewelryWhich changes color after two months.

Aurélia jewelry is resistant, made of 925 sterling silver, a noble base that avoids any risk of allergy, and has a 1 micron thick gilt plating. This is a number 20 times higher than the regulatory minimum of 0.05 microns that many brands use to coat their products. jewelry for women . quality issue, jewelry Ori Jewels So they have nothing to reproach themselves with.

925 silver for impeccable quality
925 silver for impeccable quality

With its high quality original creations and its collaborative aspect, Online jewelry store Les Joyaux d’AureIt interests us greatly. A great find, it offers the possibility to create your own jewelry and to ensure you always have it bell And curls earrings or onenecklaceaccording to his taste. So, don’t wait, go for it!


Facebook group link “Les Joyaux d’Auré – Jewelery creations”

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