The 8 Best Anti-Wrinkle Serums of 2021 Voted at the CEW Beauty Awards

Like every year, the CEW Beauty Awards honor the best anti-aging serums on the market. This year again, we were not disappointed! Team Objeko presents the eight finalists to the competition, and provides you with the big winner until the end! Starting !

Universal C Beauty State Purifying Serum

Let’s start our list of anti-aging serums with a universal product. BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner Serum is truly designed for all skin types, from the driest to the most oily. Beauty Stat is betting on the effects of Vitamin C which makes up 20% of the final product, as well as EGCG from green tea. Thus, this serum reduces wrinkles and effectively fights the proliferation of free radicals. For use on all skin types or for the family, this is the perfect serum! Count about 70 euros for 30 ml.

Clinique Even Better Clinical + Switch Radical Serum

Clinique is a well known and respected brand. It is believed that the serum proposed here fights the appearance of brown spots, as well as against acne marks. The anti-aging active ingredient Up 302, which is already found in the old formula of the product. However, this time it doubled. You can also find Lactobacillus and niacinamide as well as Japanese Gyokuro green tea there. To get this highly effective serum, count 75 euros for 30 ml.

Kerava Retinol Renewing Serum

This anti-aging serum doesn’t skimp on its composition! The main active ingredient is retinol, a molecule known for its many properties and advantages. It activates the production of collagen, which tightens the skin and stimulates cell renewal. In addition, you benefit from a very noticeable exfoliating effect! This highly effective serum effectively reduces acne marks and tightens pores. Plus, it’s cheaper than most of its competitors, at about $34 for 30ml.

Farmasi Filling Good Anti-Aging Serum

Farmacy’s Filling Good Serum is designed to effectively fill in wrinkles. It also consists of hyaluronic acid, collagen peptides, as well as encapsulated thyme extract. Its composition is vegetable, and therefore it is ideal for anyone. With this anti-aging serum, your skin is hydrated and hydrated in no time! Count about 39 € 30 ml.

Paula’s Choice Clinical Treatment 20% Niacinamide

Here’s an anti-aging serum that says it all in its name! In fact, the main active ingredient here is niacinamide, which is present in a concentration of 20%. This active ingredient is an excellent antioxidant. Fades acne marks and tightens pores. Thus, your complexion becomes more even, and you find yourself renewed! You can find this serum in stores and on the Internet for about 52 euros for 20 ml.

Nature’s Philosophy in a Jar of Bakuchiol Anti-Aging Serum

This plant-based anti-aging serum boosts the active ingredient called bakuchiol. It is a vegan alternative to retinol. Thus, cell renewal and collagen creation are enhanced. Wrinkles are visibly filled, and the skin becomes firmer. The texture is also improved thanks to olive leaf extract. This luxurious product with many advantages will cost you about 50 euros for 30 ml.

Sea Concentrate Serum

This is by far the most expensive anti-aging serum on our list! However, it remains one of the best serums of 2021. This ultra-concentrated serum soothes, strengthens, and stabilizes skin. It also provides double protection against the environment and irritants. Thus the skin remains younger and longer. If you have a few hundred euros at the end of the year, feel free to get it! It will cost you 345 euros for 30 ml. So it is a real investment!

Drunk Protein Power Peptide Smoothing Serum: Best Anti-Aging Serum of 2021

The CEW Beauty Awards have passed their verdict: Drunk Elephant Protini Power Peptide Smoothing Serum is the best anti-aging serum of 2021! This serum is full of virtues. Thus, it has a double effect: signs of aging such as lack of skin tone, and it also helps in smoothing the skin. It’s packed with the good stuff: 10% exfoliating lactic acid, peptides, antioxidants, amino acids and even sodium hyaluronate. Sephora sells this anti-aging serum at a very attractive price, 82 euros for 100 ml. So, what are you waiting for to test it?

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