SteelHair is the super trendy hair color this spring and you must do it!

Discover everything you need to know to adopt SteelHair, the hair trend of 2022 that promises to be one of the most original trends.

All women want perfect hair to be the most fashionable in the spring of 2022. Nothing is better than a new hairstyle to start a new year.

But concern is necessary among blondes because they do not necessarily want to leave their light shade. But thanks to SteelHair, things can change! We tell you more about it!

SteelHair Hair Color: Go from blonde to steel gray!

Gray hair is now firmly entering the world of modern hairstyles with SteelHair Coloring. Meaning in French “Hair of Steel” Or “metallic hair”, this coloring is at the forefront of the hair trend of 2022. Nowadays, gray hair no longer means that a woman is old. Gray hair is already a sign of beauty, trend and modernity.

During the winter of 2022, gray hair will settle on everyone’s heads. And that, even for the biggest stars who are already starting out. metallic color Brilliant and bold color that totally assumes itself. Whether you are young or old, single or married, this trendy color will bring you radiance and elegance.

be careful ! This miracle solution to shine is not designed for brunettes. SteelHair Crayon is Exclusively for beautiful blondes who are looking for something new. The steel hair was famous for the stars who wore it and proudly displayed it on social media.

Those who have dabbled in the classic style until now have also tried this color, and they say that it completely changed their lives. Impressive isn’t it? Want to learn more about this unique winter coloring? Zoom in on SteelHair coloring!

What kind of women can undergo this coloring and wear hard hair?

Winter always comes in gray, which is exactly what this coloring was designed for. This popular metallic color It lies between gray and silver. It’s a trendy semi-permanent hair color that professionals have struggled to recreate.

They use it to give this wonderful color Dark base is very easy to achieve on blonde or bleached hair. This base will then add shine and luster to your hair with hints of your choice. Although it is called “metallic coloring,” it is not a coloring per se.

Instead, it is a special vacuuming technique. The principle is to add cool reflections to your hair, you can choose from Silver, blue and purple reflections, or something else. You can also choose to inject less intense or more intense highlights such as pastel highlights.

Even if hard hair is the envy of brunettes, they are unfortunately not so lucky to wear it on their heads. Brunettes should seriously forget about coloring their hard hair and instead Turn to BrondeHair. If you insist, you risk seriously damaging your hair!

To perform SteelHair coloring on light hair, the expert will use gray toner. This will bleach your skin and neutralize the warm reflections of your blonde hair. This toner will also restore maximum shine to your hair.

On the other hand, it is impossible to add gray toner on dark hair. It will then be necessary to have Pre-lightened hair. And before switching to metallic, it will be necessary to go platinum blond. Only then can the hairdresser work on your hair and add your chosen highlights.

Be careful, such hair also deserves maintenance worthy of its quality and beauty. That’s why we want to reveal tips and tricks for maintaining hard hair. To take care of your metallic gray hair, Prefer a sulfate-free shampoo instead.

From time to time, also consider applying anti-yellowing care to your mineral skin. And to keep your hair healthy, don’t forget to nourish it with homemade hair masks and oils. Finally, to keep the metallic color ahead, the professionals recommend two washes in cold water per week.

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