Season 2 could be the last in the Netflix platform series!

The creator of the series, Squid Game Season 2, has released an announcement that may disappoint all fans of the show!

If the Squid Game Season 2 series is indeed returning to the Netflix streaming platform for new episodes, this second season could mark the end of the show.

In fact, the South Korean series may not be renewed for a third season. A news that may disappoint many fans of the program.

Squid Game, a South Korean series that has achieved global success

The Squid game series was an incredible success once it was released on the streaming platform. The latter was immediately rated among the most watched Netflix shows, and this is in many countries around the world. The series has a lot of fans!

If you haven’t been able to watch it yet, now is the time to do so. The series revolves around Ji-hoon, a middle-aged man who is frustrated by life. After he lost his job, his wife decided to leave him and got custody of their daughter. Then Ji-hoon finds himself alone and without money. In order not to complete the street, he is forced to return to live with his mother.

It also owes a lot of money to creditors. He no longer knew how to get out of it. That is why, when a mysterious man approaches him to offer him to participate in a strange competition, he will accept Ji Hoon. The latter will then have to face several hundred other candidates in six different tests. These are inspired by children’s games.

At the end of the last event, the winner will be able to win a huge amount of money. Only, there is a rule that Ji Hoon still ignores. In fact, the losers in each event will be eliminated permanently. They will be killed. A threat that wouldn’t stop Ji Hoon from trying his luck and moving forward.

Season 2 may be the last of the Netflix series

Netflix has already confirmed that the show will return for a second season. Good news for many fans of the series. Only, the creator of the program has just made a statement that will cause a little enthusiasm among the subscribers of the platform.

In fact, according to the latter, there is a good chance that this second season will be the last of the Squid game series. A statement that may disappoint many onlookers! At the moment, we don’t have much information yet regarding the upcoming season of Squid.

Squid Season 2 could mark the end of the Netflix series

Thus, Gi-Hun will return and must seek to learn more about this game, and the latter will conduct his own investigation and try to end it. We must then learn more about the origins of the game, its organization, or its early creators.

Meanwhile, Netflix is ​​preparing a reality TV show inspired by the series. If you don’t know what to do in the summer, send!

What is the release date of Squid Season 2 on Netflix?

Netflix has not yet commented on the release date of the second season of the Squid Game series in its catalog. It looks like filming hasn’t started yet.

You still have several months to wait before you can discover the new episodes of the South Korean series on all your screens. It turns out that the second season of the Squid Game series should stream on the Netflix streaming platform during 2023.

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