Our tips to prepare well for the new season and to be the most beautiful in the spring of 2022!

How do you take care of your body and skin to be able to face the upcoming seasons? In this article, follow all our beauty tips on this topic.

After the harsh winter climate, it gives way to the spring equinox. Put the jacket away in the closet and pull out your lighter clothes!

Summer vacation 2022 is fast approaching. Hello sea and white sand! Prepare your body and face for the change of season with our beauty tips.

Beauty tip for healthy skin before summer

Going from season to season means getting a new look. time for Get rid of all impurities. So, make room for exfoliation! It consists of removing dead cells from the skin to restore its natural radiance. make a file peeling session At home with old grandmother’s recipes or with cosmetics.

This step is highly recommended if you want to She has tanned skin. The good days are coming and you really want to apply a self-tanner. Thanks to the peeling treatment, the result will be even and the tanned effect will last longer. Remember to moisturize your skin after each ritual.

Facial skin is more sensitive than the rest of the body. So more attention should be paid. And yes! To protect yourself from external aggressions such as sun, wind or dust, considerMoisturise with a nourishing cream or oil. If you have to stay outdoors long enough, wear a wide-brimmed hat to avoid excessive sun exposure.

heavy legs due to circulatory disorder. It is a very annoying feeling, especially with the arrival of summer. A little beauty tip to help you deal with this inconvenience: adopt the correct gestures and do some physical exercise regularly. Dry brush with a natural bristle brush. It will improve blood flow and have a stimulating effect on your cells.

Revolutionary products to use.

Most women feel some complications to the point of being afraid of revealing certain parts of their body. The effect of orange peel or zebra spotsWe often do our best to remove them, or at least reduce their appearance. Anti-cellulite products, which are often based on green tea and ginger, are available in the market. These have the advantage of breaking down the fat in the target segment.

To get rid of these fatty deposits, there are beauty tools such as Suction cup, Gua Sha and Roll-on. Through the effect of massage, they have the ability to relax and relax the muscles. It also helps in strengthening the body. Other roll-on models are also available, but this time for the face!

Another beauty tip: palpation. The massage technique par excellence to reduce cellulite, and consists of massaging so that the area between the fingers and the palm of the hand is firmly pressed. Repeating this movement tones the skin and improves blood circulation. Why all this cruelty to beads? Well… it’s summer soon!

After a busy day, think of Apply cold gels After the evening shower. These have been shown to work best overnight. To feel light, choose the refreshing Legs Light Gel from Yves Rocher for 15.90 euros. Working women or housewives, dedicate a moment of relaxation to rejuvenate your energy and take care of your beauty.

Some good nods in our beauty tip.

How not to take care of yourself but especially of our body with all that it has to endure? For the sake of good harmony with the soul, let us give ourselves time to rest. You can do it yourself or get pampered by a professional. The ultimate goal is relaxation! Little beauty tip: Relax the muscles of our bodies, except the facial muscles.

Lay down on his worries. Get rid of everything that weighs you down. Just like spring blooming, let your well-being grow! Your mine will light up and you will feel more calm and free from the worries of everyday life. find the balance Your chakra will revive. You will feel much better after that. Try our beauty tips because you have a lot to gain.

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