News alert! Cosmetics are harmful according to L’UFC-Que Choisir!

Lidl: Cien brand in sight of the association

Consumers who used to shop at Lidl are familiar with the Cien brand. Distributed exclusively by Lidl, this brand is very successful and offers many products to take care of yourself on a daily basis: day cream, sun protection, repair care for the body and face, masks … It is possible, thanks to Cien, to have a complete routine. But now, not everything is so beautiful in the best roses. Because in exchange for the low prices offered by the brand, it seems that some products are not good for us.

In any case, this is denounced by the UFC-Que Choisir Association, which targets certain products in particular. start with “Children’s Sun Protection SPF 50” that contains octocrylene. However, this organic compound is far from ideal for the skin. According to the association, it isa ” Sunscreen is widely used, and over time turns into a compound known for its toxicity. Octocrylene converts to benzophenone. The compound described by the authors is Toxic, carcinogenic and endocrine disruptors. A team of French researchers (CNRS and Sorbonne University) and Americans have shed light on this disturbing phenomenon. ” We find this same filter in the Classic Cream.

Aloe vera liquid soap contains dangerous ingredients

One might think that this soap based on this plant, known for its virtues, is harmless. Aloe vera contains 98% water. The remaining 2% are nutrients: vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals. This plant is therefore recommended for all skin types, whether dry, oily, damaged, or sensitive… Inevitably, seeing the soap it contains makes you want to buy it. But now, this soap not only contains aloe vera, but also a less attractive ingredient: propylparaben. The latter is an endocrine disorder. It is also now prohibited on products left to children under the age of three.

But how do you go shopping without the risk of buying dangerous products? You have to carefully consider the composition of the products And not rely solely on packaging that inspires and means the product is good and natural. And if you don’t want to waste a lot of time reading long lists of ingredients, You can use an app like INCY Beauty. It works by scanning the barcode of products. It gives a score between 0 and 20, and indicates all products that are good, risk-free, or those that are considered dangerous or even controversial. Chance to find harmless products!

Lidl did not react!

Therefore, the association warns consumers and invites them to check what they are buying. These products can, in the long run, promote the development of some diseases such as cancer. So it is highly recommended to buy better in order not to put yourself at risk. Presently, Liddell has yet to respond. The brand sells more and more organic and natural products. Perhaps this small controversy leads her to sell exclusive products that pose no danger to humans, even if it means selling them at a slightly higher price.

In any case, the brand is more modern thanks to the launch of its loyalty program, which was launched via the Lidl Plus app. The latter has been a huge success since its launch a few days ago. It has already been downloaded over ten million times. It must be said that it offers exceptional promotions, discounts and games…

Lidl knows exactly how to attract consumers who are interested in saving money and not breaking the bank while shopping. today, It is possible to find everything in Lidl. Food of course cleaning products for the home, cosmetics, clothes, kitchen utensils, high-tech products … Lidl takes care of his image, and for this It wouldn’t be surprising if Cien’s range changed in the coming months to switch to more natural, customer health-conscious alternatives.

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