Make-up: all our tips for applying make-up to your skin and looking beautiful in Spring 2022!

Discover without delay the best makeup tips to improve your complexion and beautiful look in Spring 2022! Now that the sunny days are here, it’s time to improve your complexion and reveal a flawless and radiant complexion.

To help you, we have selected for you the most effective tips to make up your skin. So, scroll down below to discover them all!

Prepare your skin before the makeup step

Before you jump straight into makeup, it’s important to go through a preparatory step. The latter is essential to ensure that your makeup lasts all day. Therefore, you should start by cleaning your skin with a cleansing gel for example.

After that, impurities and excess fat are removed. After that, you should moisturize your face. To do this, you will then need to use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

If you have oily skin, choose a light texture. If you’re going out in the sun, don’t forget to put on sunscreen, too. Once your skin is completely hydrated, it’s not over yet.

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You still have to apply makeup base all over your face. The latter will then allow you to smoothen your skin or reduce the appearance of your pores. Thanks to this product, your makeup will not move all day.

Apply foundation well

Now that your skin is completely ready, you can move on to the next step and start applying your makeup. First of all, you will need to choose a product that is suitable for your skin. With the return of the sunny days, we advise you to switch to a light and natural product.

You can then use a BB cream or a tinted serum. If you have defects, you can apply a corrector in a local way. Also, be careful about the shade you choose.

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To be sure of the color, test it on your jaw line and not on the back of your hand. All you have to do is apply your foundation. To do this, we advise you to use a brush or a small sponge.

Then you will get a more natural effect than if you applied it with your finger. Finally, you will need to set the product with translucent loose powder and a large brush. So you know what you have left for perfect skin for the return of sunny days.

Our makeup tips to look good

Applying your foundation well is not enough to look good. In fact, it turns out that your makeup isn’t done yet. You will then need to apply bronzer to warm your skin and give your face a healthy glow. It is important not to use too many products so that the result remains natural. You will then have to apply the bronzer with a brush on the top of your forehead, in the hollows of your cheeks as well as on your jaw line.

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Once the bronzer is in place, don’t forget about blush, too. The latter is necessary for a completely successful make-up. You will then have to apply it only at the level of your cheekbones. Finally, you can apply a little liner to the tip of your nose, cupid’s bow, and the tops of your cheekbones. Now you know all the tricks to highlighting your face and looking good once the sunny days return. So, quickly go to your bathroom to apply it!

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