Infallible tips to preserve potatoes and prevent them from sprouting!

Choosing the right place to store potatoes

The French are fond of potatoes. There are several types depending on your liking as the potatoes are cooked in many different ways. You can cook it in the oven, steamed, in water or in a pan. Potatoes are whole, cut into pieces, in french fries, the tuber is edible because it is so easy to prepare.

But if the potatoes are easy to prepare, then they are also capricious. In supermarkets, they are sold in large quantities at once. Therefore, you are unlikely to make a meal out of all the potatoes purchased. To keep them at best the ideal place is a cellar where temperatures are cool (no more than ten degrees). But be careful, potatoes never go in the fridge! Likewise, before storing it, do not touch it with water. If you want to clean it, do so just before consuming it. Because if it comes into contact with water before it is stored, it germinates faster.

Moreover, we avoid mixtures with other vegetables or plants, such as onions. This activates the germination process. You can put an apple in your potato basket. In fact, this fruit releases ethylene and thus limits the growth of spores.

They don’t like the light

If it is desirable to put them in a cellar or saddle, it is because the potatoes should be stored in an unlit place. If you don’t have a room in your house where they can fit, put them in a closet or, better yet, under the sink. You can place newspaper between each layer of potatoes for better ventilation. It is advisable to leave it in the net in which it was assembled (when purchased), unless you have a wooden case. In that case, put them in this box.

If you store potatoes in the right way, they will not lose their nutritional value that makes them so attractive to many consumers. Families are also fond of potatoes because it is a food that is generally appreciated by children and does not require much work in the kitchen for parents. Finally, you’ll have work in your way of storing them: follow the tips above and you should be fine.

Can we eat them sprout?

This is the big question. Since we’re showing you how to avoid germs, does that mean sprouted potatoes are no longer edible? Know first that spores are ultimately just the hatching of a new culture because they are stored in a place reminiscent of Earth: Wet and warm place with light.

The sprouts, which can be overwhelming when the potatoes wait a while to eat, are free of toxins. But is it dangerous to health? no. Or in any case, for it to be so, you have to eat two kilograms of it. But your stomach may still not like the experience. Indeed, we notice symptoms ranging from headache to vomiting for some people who have eaten sprouted potatoes.. This is due to a toxin called solanine found in potatoes.

If you want to cook the sprouts, nothing bad should happen to you if you take the time to carefully remove the sprout from the root with a knife. like that, You have to remove all the green parts. Only edible parts should be cooked without any risk.

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