How do you find the colored eyeliner that suits you to be the most popular trend this spring!

Colored eyeliner is all the rage right now. If you feel like adopting it, here are some simple makeup tips for a successful style.

It is often difficult for a woman to choose which makeup style to adopt. The choice is even more important when you are not used to makeup.

In fact, a successful method requires that we go through different stages advance. Bandaging the eyes is part of it and for a striking look, it is all about style. Here is a simple makeup trick to achieve this result.

Simple makeup trick

Know that being professional is not necessary to catch your eyes well. Of course, for the makeup trick to run smoothly, you have to consider the color of your pupils And the shape of your eyes. Therefore, we will start learning from this rule. It will also be necessary to work on the eyeliner for selection.

If you have wide or round eyes, it is better to choose a pencil eyeliner. In addition to its ease of use feature, this model is ideal for such people. The only problem is that we are a bit limited in terms of what style we should adopt. Felt eyeliner can also be used by people with round eyes.

Features Which you will apply also depends on the shape of your eyes. For this, several tutorials are available to get perfect tracking. The makeup trick can be simplified if you already know the shape of your eyes. In addition, color also plays a major role. This design will be more significant if the product is colored.

Finally, if you want to have bigger eyes, other makeup tips can help you. Now it’s about how to do it Apply colored eyeliner well. These tips are valid for both beginners and professionals. Do not panic, they are easy to assimilate.

Custom colored eyeliner

First, to get a file intense lookColored eyeliner is recommended. Indeed, for an original and personal style, these are my favorite facials. There is no doubt that these beauty products are proliferating in the market. But how do you choose the one that perfectly suits you? A professional make-up artist gives us her opinion on the subject.

for some Blue eyesIt is better to choose an orange eyeliner, so copper, orange or yellow eyeliner is more suitable. Of course, it should be related to the outfit you wish to wear. However, a successful makeup trick also depends on the season. Therefore, during the fall, apply a copper color.

people with green eyes You, in turn, should choose red as its complementary color. In fact, this shade brings out the green and thus gives a very clear look. So derivatives of red should be adopted without any moderation, such as mahogany, pink fuchsia, eggplant or even rust. But colors close to green also pass like olive or green pine.

Finally, for people with brown eyes, all colors are suitable. Now, it all depends on what you want to highlight. Otherwise, you can also adapt according to the style of dress you wish to wear. For a successful face, you must also consider your skin tone. The lighter your skin, the more you have to bet on darker colors and vice versa.

Make-up trick using colored eyeliner

To perfectly draw the contours of your eyes, you should know that the eyeliner you choose is very important. if I were Newbie, avoid gel or cream. The same goes for liquid eyeliner. So the highlighter and pencil will be your best assets. It is not enough to choose the article well. Its application is also important.

To improve an irresistible look, there are three ways to apply colored eyeliner. first use Two colored linings. Make sure it is still fully integrated. Then it is possible to make shades of eyeliner, the first layer is black and the second is colored. Finally, one stroke with a colored pencil can be more than enough. However, you must follow the makeup tip mentioned above to get an amazing result.

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