How do you eat to stay healthy this winter?

With the change of season, strengthening the immune system as winter approaches is a must. So we have to adapt our winter diet accordingly.

During the winter, we often resort to hot and hearty dishes. However, our diet in winter must be balanced and healthy. To do this, we give you some tips.

Winter food: canned or organic?

To ward off the flu, colds, and other viruses in the winter, a good diet is essential. However, it’s cold, and you don’t really want to get out of your quilt. Therefore, we tend to prioritize prepared foods. But is that really Advice for a balanced winter diet?

We respond to you immediately. Eating tomatoes or strawberries in the winter is not a good logic from a taste and ecological point of view. A good winter diet should include fresh seasonal foods. Moreover, the latter contains more vitamins than these ingredients that had to be processed for safe access.

Likewise, it will make you more responsible towards the environment. For those who have less free time such as full-time workers, cooking is not an option. Moreover, the latter often tend to focus Cans or others. However, in the winter they represent A more or less balanced diet.

In fact, like seasonal fruits and vegetables, they are picked when they are ripe. One of the benefits of eating seasonal ingredients first and foremost Gain quality and taste. In addition, eating local food helps in developing the economy of the respective region. However, the Cansremains an option by product. In addition, they can contribute to a balanced winter diet.

What are the best foods to eat?

Nothing is better than a good diet to get back during the winter. Besides, this is why we tend to eat profusely. Moreover, this method is practical for staying warm. However, we must not abuse it and remember that Winter diet should be balanced.

During the winter, the weather is gray and the sun gets scarcer. Therefore, our bodies are less exposed to light and therefore to vitamin D. So it is recommended that we maintain our health Consume fatty fish, egg yolks or dairy products. If you’re a vegetarian, your winter diet should turn to mushrooms. In addition to meat, your winter diet should also include different fruits.

In fact, the latter increases our immune defense, especially those with a high content of vitamin C. High-fiber vegetables. We can mention, for example, clementines, kiwis, oranges, as well as turnips, leeks and carrots. Running out of ideas for your winter diet?

Why don’t you try diet. For breakfast, have a hot drink with buttered bread, and finish with a fruit smoothie or yogurt. Then at lunch, eat fish with vegetables, not forgetting the fruit. And for dinner, eat mushroom soup, cheese and light compote.

Winter food: the right foods in your basket

During the winter, it is necessary to maintain the intestinal flora, which is essential for good immunity. In fact, the bacteria that make up it protect us, and the small intestine secretes powerful antibodies. To do this, our winter food must contain Probiotic-rich foods. Plus, we add fruits and vegetables that provide prebiotics and specific sugars that feed these good bacteria. Similarly, the beehive products Helps protect and soothe the throat.

Among the best, we can mention fresh or frozen pollen, as well as eucalyptus, thyme or fir honey. To be able to taste these foods, accompany them with hot drinks. Instead, consider using them when cooking for delicious winter food. In addition to organic foods, you can also eat them food complexes. For example, Vital Botanicals granules containing 15 tonic and immune stimulating plants. In addition to the latter, immune plants such as echinacea can be mentioned. In the same genre, there is HPTA Immune Defense.

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