Hit the table hard with this barbecue for under 35 euros you need at all costs for this summer!

In the summer, Lidl reveals many surprises. Discover this appliance that promises better moments in the kitchen at a low price!

Sure, Lidl has a knack for pleasing their customers! The German brand strives to provide us with a variety of items to meet all needs. And continues with the approaching summer!

In fact, the brand aims to offer us the best items to allow us to spend the best possible moments. The recent arrival on the company’s shelves should also be interesting to more than one. We reveal the details in our article!

Liddell: Will the brand be in jeopardy?

Inflation has been rampant in France for several months now. A situation that pushes the German brand to take important actions. Lidl officials also made An advertisement that surprised more than one Several days ago. In fact, the latter announced changes to the offers that will be offered to customers in stores. A situation that may not satisfy everyone.

Initially, Lidl customers will have to expect price increases for some of the brand’s products. This is particularly the case for oil, one of the main products in the food industry. The latter largely comes from Ukrainian production. Moreover, it is the immediately difficult situation that causes large distributions to suffer from such a rise in price.

On the other hand, Meat will also be affected by this inflation. Thus, customers who want to buy poultry should be prepared to see higher prices in the coming months. A condition that should not be overlooked because it is still an integral part of our diet. Especially since it can be cooked in all kinds of sauces during the summer period. It will also easily season your different salads.

But more than the price increase, Lidl officials have reported a potential shortage on shelves. It is enough to push them to limit the amount of purchases customers can make. Thus, the opportunity in front of the latter to avoid a shortage. But in the meantime, the sign has enough to make us have a great time! Want to plan a barbecue day? This article that comes should interest you!

A grill that’s going to make a big noise!

How about a barbecue to celebrate the coming of summer? At Lidl, there is no shortage of equipment to allow you to spend quality time with your family of this kind. And above all, to make Fairly quick and easy cooking.

This is what promises the latest product the German brand aims to put on its shelves. In any case, if you do not want to spend hours cooking, then this is the device you need at any cost. That’s why Lidl suggests you use the Grill Meister! This is a panel that you can perfectly place in your garden or on your balcony.

Whatever space you have, you are sure to install it without the clutter. its size Only 48 x 86 x 62 cm It is an asset that cannot be overlooked! And because it has wheels on the underside of its elbow, you can move it around as you wish. However, it gains stability thanks to the presence of a third foot. In terms of preparation, you haveadjustable ventilation.

So you don’t have to suffer from smoke when embarking on a long cooking. This Lidl signed device will also be appreciated for its ability. It won’t take long to prepare the meat, vegetables, and other ingredients you might be interested in!

Lidl offers a device at a low price!

This time again, Lidl promises us to take advantage of its devices at low prices. This barbecue device will also be offered to you for A modest sum of 34.99 euros. And the quality is there despite its very reasonable price! You will also notice that the latter is made of chrome material which ensures longevity.

The Lidl device has been on shelves since May 9. So you will have to hurry to reach the shelves to take advantage of it. Like most of the brand’s devices that have been a victim of their own success, it is very likely that they will run out of stock quickly!

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