Here’s how to do Hailey Bieber’s braids in 4 steps to be on-trend this spring!

Want to get inspiration from Hailey Bieber’s braids? Here’s how to quickly make this trendy hairstyle!

With the advent of spring comes a change of hair style. This season is really perfect for testing out new trendy hairstyles ideas!

If you’ve been dreaming of tying your mane down while maintaining style, know that this Hailey Bieber cut is the right choice for you. But how do we reproduce them easily and effectively? We reveal to you the former model’s trick to be on top of the trend!

Trendy Hairstyle: Hailey Bieber Gives Time!

Hailey Bieber reveals new hairstyles every day. Enough to inspire fans but also beauty addicts. And if she caused a sensation with her beauty, it was the practicality of her cuts that attracted attention above all. It must be said that the latter is a huge fan of easy style for its various versions. Especially since there are many options to highlight. Anyway, if you appreciate her style, you won’t be disappointed to see the beauty of her latest hairstyle.

For those who do not know yet, Hailey Bieber is one of those who have the habit of testing new trendy hairstyle ideas. Recently, the young woman had a real passion for braids. And that’s how you feel every time you make a video for TikTok subscribers or even while outing. Ideas pieces that make her face lift but also her looks.

Recently, Justin Bieber’s companion tested significantly Throwback braids. This trendy hairstyle was very popular in the 2000s, however, it is making a comeback with model inspiration that is sure to please! The reactions of Internet users testify to this. Enough to pique the interest of beauty addicts!

But lately, it is another trendy hairstyle that is making an impression. It’s about high cue Hailey Bieber wore it on April 12. Cut was also unanimous with his fans. This time the question arises: What is the secret of the young woman to achieve this hair to the fullest? We give you some ideas to reproduce this braid.

High braid in 3 steps!

Before we explain to you what it takes to achieve this trendy hairstyle, we will see the accessories needed to achieve it. Know that you will first need a brush. An essential tool for you to arrange your hair in the best way. But you’ll also need clips and a spray that adapts to your mane!

Now that you have the basics on hand, it’s time to get ready! So the first step is to spray the contents of the sprayer at the root level. This will allow you To make it easier to fix it later. Then use the brush to create a high ponytail. These should be unequal to make the process easier later on.

so come make braids For your trendy hairstyle. They should be the right size so that the presentation is as pleasant as possible. Then hold everything together with another elastic to complete your hair change. Showing will be even more fun if you want to add extensions to your mane.

And it’s not over! To complete the preparation of your trendy hairstyle, you will need Add a little hairspray to your mane. The latter will make your cup hold more! Especially since you can move over time without causing damage to your hair.

Fashionable hairstyle: what occasion to wear it?

This trendy hairstyle suggested by Hailey Bieber is one of the highlights. And if you dream of being inspired, know that you can do it Wear it for all occasions. Braids are especially perfect to complete your sporty look. There is no danger that the wicks will come off and you will benefit from greater comfort.

But this haircut is also perfect for your various travels. It could be for a moment with friends and family or even an important evening for example. Anyway, just adapt it to the outfit that suits you!

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