Here are some tips to rejuvenate the skin and to be the most beautiful during the summer of 2022!

Do you want to maintain your youthful appearance for the rest of your life? Read our article to adopt good anti-aging practices according to the experts.

Many of us are constantly learning good ways to fight aging. Not to mention that some even opt for plastic surgery to rejuvenate them.

In any case, we will not go into detail about this last practice because it is very expensive. That is why we are going to reveal some natural and affordable tips. In addition, you have to change certain habits to take good care of your body.

Anti-aging: Food should not be neglected

Diet is the most important and most effective way to preserve our youth. That’s why experts recommend a healthy, balanced diet as an anti-aging tip. To do this, simply increase your consumption of plant products, especially those in season. Moreover, it is no coincidence that doctors continue to encourage us to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

Apart from that, the proteins in food are ideal for anti-aging. Among the proteins, we can cite collagen, which maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Not forgetting that the presence of proteins in the body makes it possible to rejuvenate the skin. For processed foods, check the product packaging to see how much protein is inside.

To season lunch or dinner, use wheat germ oil. This oil is a good anti-aging and one teaspoon is enough to fight against skin aging. It is also recommended to bet on omega-3 to ensure skin hydration and elasticity. To do this, choose linseed, camelina or hemp oil. Pour 2 to 3 tablespoons daily onto your plates.

It has been mentioned that collagen effectively contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin. Thus, it activates its natural production by making it Vitamin C heals (Non-acidic) and liquid silicone to ensure anti-aging. Urucum is also recommended because it has an antioxidant effect and provides beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A. The latter is the vitamin of youth par excellence.

Some habits to adopt

After the diet, it’s time to adopt some good anti-aging habits. First of all, it is always better to have a good quality sleep. Know that lack of sleep can make you look like a tired old man due to fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, always respect 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day.

In addition, the position during sleep is important to avoid the appearance of wrinkles the next day. However, sleeping on your back is the correct position. For information, this position promotes snoring. So, warn your partner that this is necessary to have beautiful skin. As an anti-aging pillowcase, experts advise choosing one made of silk.

Do physical activities to stay fit and healthy. As an anti-aging tip, also practice yoga by incorporating inverted postures. These allow blood to flow to the face. Know that this will bring you a real rejuvenating effect to your skin and help maintain your youth.

In addition, Avoid exposing yourself to the sun for a long time. Know that sunlight increases premature skin aging. So it is best to use sunscreen to protect against UV rays. Finally, don’t forget to rinse your face with old rose water. This liquid removes limescale from the skin and is known for its anti-aging properties.

Good anti-aging tips

Take care of your face by massaging it. This is possible by doing gymnastics on the face which is an excellent anti-aging practice. In addition, there are Kobido massage and gentle gua sha massage that can promote skin rejuvenation. Apart from this, it is also helpful to add a few drops of essential oil to your moisturizer. Choose geranium oil, geranium oil, or rosewood essential oil for firming skin.

Apart from that, there are also natural anti-aging remedies that apply to the face. This is honey and carrots. To do this, you just have to mix a small piece of carrot with a tablespoon of honey. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse and let your face air dry. however, The most important thing is hydration. Experts recommend drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily to moisturize the skin from within.

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