Here are 7 reasons to use argan oil in your routine this summer according to the experts!

Thanks to its many advantages, argan has taken its place in the world of cosmetics. It can be used perfectly in this summer beauty tip.

Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, antioxidants, omega-6 and linoleic acid, argan actually contains endless riches.

This unique tree from North Africa contains a very important seed. The latter gives life to one of the most famous oils in the world: Argan oil. This ingredient is essential nowadays, not only in culinary art but also in terms of beauty.

Choose Argan for summer beauty tip

This tree is a wealth offered by nature. It is also called the fruit of the argan tree Argania Spinosa So full of nutrients that animals climb the tree to eat it. To extract the oil, we choose cold pressing. This exceptional oil will be used in summer beauty tips. In fact, it contains a veritable center of treasures for beauty and health.

Argan oil contains 43% oleic acid, that is, omega-9 and 36% linoleic acid or omega-6. This skin care product can be used as a summer beauty tip because, in addition to these fatty acids, it contains squalene, sterols, polyphenols and tocopherols. Ingredients that help in suppleness and suppleness of the skin.

This so-called miracle oil is a “must” in your beauty routine. You have certainly noticed that in recent years, the calling of nature has been really felt in many areas. We’re having a real return to basics and environmental question Back at all levels. Nature will favor you in your summer beauty tip and it’s a good choice.

In order to save the planet, many eco-consumers are promoting “eco-friendly” products. They put an end to the consumption of chemicals harmful to the body and the environment. For your summer beauty tip, target more Healthy, green and organic. In the world of cosmetics, argan oil is one of the main ingredients found in high-end products.

Argan oil, a key ally to your beauty routine

Argan oil is the essential product for your summer beauty tips. Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. These are Perfect combinations To reduce the signs of premature aging that can occur. Thanks to the antioxidants present in it, argan is a real anti-aging ingredient. It can be used daily to effectively reduce wrinkles.

Then you will bring improvement to flexibility from the skin. This is while improving the rate of cell renewal. No less effective is her lip gloss in summer beauty tip. Simply because it will stimulate the metabolism of cells and neutralize free radicals. Also, it will protect the connective tissues. Research has also proven its ability to moisturize.

It’s important to note in your summer beauty tip that argan oil is an anti-acne weapon par excellence. He alone can fight the pimples that flood the face. This is due to the triterpenoids it contains. This reinforce renewal This is followed by deep hydration and revitalization for oily skin.

The inflammation caused by acne is reduced by the presence of linoleic acid. With this summer beauty tip, just put it on a few drops in treatment areas. The result ? So the argan oil will fade the pimple scars and soothe the skin. It will also help the latter to restore its natural balance.

Summer beauty tip to bid farewell to stretch marks!

Whoever says summer says holiday. We can’t wait to replace our pullovers with swimwear. But there is a small problem. Having stretch marks is haunting Of all the women! These actually appear after pregnancy or after a significant weight gain. With this summer beauty tip, you can tone down her look.

Not many realize that argan oil effectively reduces stretch marks. More specifically, those on the hips or lower abdomen as well as on the thighs. Helps improve skin elasticity. In this summer beauty tip, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated. To do this, warm a few drops in your hands and then gently rub the areas of the body that are most prone to this problem.

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