Good habits that you should definitely add to your daily routine!

In this hairstyle tip, discover the right hair ritual techniques to keep your hair healthy!

How often should we wash our hair?. For decades, this question has always been moot! It is true that sometimes we tend to neglect the maintenance of our mane. This can happen due to our circadian rhythm.

Therefore, we no longer pay attention to the care we give to our scalp. Stop using any product! But did you know that the texture and condition of your hair fibers play a very important role? Experts reveal more details in the following paragraphs.

Hair tip: How do you keep your hair fibres healthy?

Professional Hairstylist Oliver LeBron Reveals The Perfect Hairstyle Tip! The expert stresses that the use of shampoo should not exceed twice a week. Or once every three days! In fact, the use of chemicals should be mitigated! You can always use aloe vera gel in its place. These ingredients will deeply moisturize your hair but also nourish it!

The masks should not be abused! In fact, you have to be very careful not to add too much. However, always remember to rinse well to prevent your hair from becoming heavy and greasy. For blogging: This hairstyle tip only applies to ends and lengths!

Still in the department hairstyle tipIt is necessary to consider “drying” a very important step in the hair ritual. In fact, if there is one detail that should be avoided at all costs, it is going out with wet hair. the reason ? We give you more information in the lines below!

for simplicity, The water on the hair attracts the surrounding molecules more. Like dust for example! This is called the blotting effect. The latter only increases the appearance of greasiness on your hair. Hairstyle trick? You just have to dry it with a hair dryer. Whether it’s hot air or cold air!

What are the correct steps to take?

The most important details to consider are first of all Check your hair type. As you understand, the head of the next hairstyle consists in determining the nature of your scalp. Know that this will save you time and money. With this information, you are sure to buy the right products directly.

Therefore, professional hairdressers give us tips on hairstyle so that we can evaluate the nature of our hair. Basically, it is very necessary to know these details. Otherwise, the hair products you use may not work properly! The condition of your scalp will deteriorate.

The first step in this hairstyle tip is performance wick test ! To do this, take between your fingers one hair. If you can’t feel it, your hair is fine. Otherwise (a bit), they’re more of the “average” type!

If you feel it by practicing this hairstyle trick thickerOkay, so your hair is naturally thick. Also know that it is important to check the wicks individually. In fact, you can have different types of hair at the same time. It can be very thin or even very thick.

Hairstyle tip: what are the other alternatives?

In order to find a healthy scalp, you have to be patient and count from two to three months. In fact, it is necessary toUse shampoo alternately. Instead, experts advise us to turn to a dry shampoo alternative. As long as you brush your hair well after every treatment! The last part of the tip of the hairstyle will continue in the following lines!

Moreover, it is recommendedUse the cool air function And avoid choosing the heat of our hair dryers. Basically, so as not to highlight the sticky and greasy effect of the scalp! This is what professional hairdresser Olivier Lebrun advises. The expert who brought us all these hairstyle tips!

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