Find out what are the best candy for a successful Halloween!

October 31 is the date that children and adults alike look forward to.

Indeed, it is the day when ghosts come out of the cupboards, vampires out of their shrouds and all other monsters from their lairs. But it’s not just costumes that make Halloween. Candy is also essential to a successful Halloween party.

trick or treat ? It is clear that young children will choose sweets. To make your Halloween party a real success, here we offer you a selection of the best candies.

Harry Potter sweets

If the date of October 31 reminds us of Halloween in the world of sarcasm, this date also has Important meaning in the wizarding world. In fact, this date marks the death of Harry Potter’s parents and also the dissolution of the most powerful dark wizard Lord Voldemort.

No wonder, then, that Halloween costumes and candy from the Harry Potter universe were a hit on the evening of October 31st. In fact, there is a grandfather in this universe A large assortment of sweets and sweets It is perfect for Halloween.

Chocolate baguette

A chocolate stick is one of the must-have Halloween treats. Like Harry Potter’s wizard’s wandIt’s definitely not magic, but it’s absolutely delicious.

Chocolate frogs

Chocolate frogs are gifts that Harry Potter discovers on the train on his first trip to Hogwarts. These are sweets that take the shape of chocolate frogs. In each chocolate frog there is a card of a famous wizard or wizard.

Surprise Bertie Crusoe

This is the sweet almond Not only are they famous in the wizarding world, but also in the realm of looting, especially at Halloween. Lemon juice, mint, berries, vomit, earwax or even liver and tripe: the flavors are multiple.

If you’re lucky, you might come across a chocolate-flavored pheasant, and if you’re not lucky, you’ll likely come across a vomit-flavored pheasant. They are just perfect for Halloween is full of surprises !

There are plenty of other treats from the Harry Potter universe that are perfect for Halloween. This is, for example, the case of the famous gelatinous candy in the form of slugs or the famous packet pellets.

Gummy candy with spooky shapes

Chewing gum is not Never miss Halloween. This candy is usually soft, pliable and transparent. They are very colorful, they will allow you to spend the most colorful spooky evenings. Gummy candies come in many shapes. Since it’s Halloween, of course, you can’t choose gum in the form of bears, babies, or bottles.

For Halloween, it would be ideal To choose more scary shapes. For this you will find glue in the form of spiders, pumpkins, skulls, eyes, teeth of vampires, mini monsters, aliens, or even skeletons. In fact, there are multiple variations, each one more scary than the other, so you will be spoiled for choice.

Gummy candy in a spooky shape Not just scary, but also very tasty. There are also many flavors: strawberry, orange, marshmallow, lemon or even peach, which will surely tempt the little ones.

Halloween special lollipops

All kids love lollipops and they are always happy with lots of lollipops on Halloween night. Lollipops, unlike classic sweets, have a peculiarity Lasts longer in the mouth while also being delicious. So why not choose special lollipops for Halloween?

You can even make your own Halloween lollipops. Make them look like bats, skulls or skeletons. Simply let your creativity flow. You will be Freedom to choose perfume which you like the most.

If you are not really good at making lollipops, you can find the most awful special Halloween lollipops in the market.

Chocolate, perfect for Halloween

Sweets, whether candy or lollipops, aren’t the only ones honored on Halloween. The Chocolate is a great classicEnjoyed by both children and adults. Chocolate bars, discs or candies covered in chocolate, you can be sure that these sweet treats will be a hit with your little Halloween monsters.

Halloween candy distribution

Although it is not Easter or Valentine’s Day, it is possible for you to make special chocolates for Halloween. You can for example Give the chocolate the shapes you want. Skeleton, eyes, bats, pumpkins, spiders or elves: bring your scariest ideas to life.

The most classic candy for Halloween

If you don’t really know which dessert to choose, why not opt ​​for classic desserts? It might not be as scary as Halloween candy, but it is It’s still a huge success With children and bring back delicious childhood memories in adults. By choosing classic sweets, you will be especially spoiled for choice.

small caramel cubes

Although the caramel cubes are not very elaborate, they are still a classic. They You will seduce the Halloween monsters Thanks to its rich and creamy flavour.


Chewing gum isn’t really a candy, but it’s one of the classic treats kids love. So feel free to put a handful of gum in the basket of all the kids who come to your house on the evening of October 31st.

strawberry candy

strawberry candy Indispensable classics. Since all children love this candy, make several boxes or else the candy may run out very quickly.

Other sweets like Candy rolls or lollipop rings It would also be perfect for your Halloween party.

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