Doing burpees is not a great idea and it’s not a miracle solution!

Burpees are very popular with many people. In fact, it does not require any equipment and is therefore practical anywhere, without the obligation to sign up for a gym.

It is also said that this exercise can target multiple parts of the body at once. However, if Burpees seem to be the miracle solution to exercising without taking the initiative, they won’t be unanimous among athletes. Why is the exercise of Burpees so risky?

What is really a burpee?

This exercise consists of alternating push-ups and jumping squats. You need to do a pushup, then return to a squat position and jump as high as you can. When landing, sit back with your hands on the floor, then raise your legs back and do the pushup again. Repeat the entire loop.

The goal is to be as dynamic as possible in order to effectively work several parts of your body from your thighs to your shoulders, through your abs and to improve your core at the same time.

Before they became what they are today, and that is a widely held and prized exercise, the primary goal of Burpees was to assess the physical condition of the athletes. It was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Royal H. Burpee, after which it was named.

Why are Burpees discouraged?

So this exercise looks perfect in every respect. A real fat burner suitable for all audiences, does not require any equipment and, moreover, does not take much time. However, sports professionals, such as American sports coach Michael Boyle, warn of its dangers.

Burpees are very bad for the body

He talks about it, the former coach of the Boston Red Sox baseball team in an interview published in the American edition of Women’s Health magazine. On this occasion, the intense training expert says that Burpees are a bad idea. advised against them.

Indeed, according to him, Burpees, despite all the qualities attributed to them, are very bad for the body. Its dynamic forces you to put a lot of pressure on the joints, such as the wrists and the front (also the most fragile) part of the shoulder, when you have to position yourself to do a pushup.

Since the exercise is repeated several times to work the heart out, the risk of damaging these joints is very high. The most common idea is that the more painful and energy-requiring an exercise is, the more effective and quality it is. According to Michael Boyle, this is not the case. The specialist in the matter is not adherent to this belief.

What can I do instead?

To replace this exercise whose risks have been revealed, it is advisable to move towards more specific and targeted exercises. They will allow you to work out the body parts included in the Burpees independently and more safely, but no less effectively.

It all depends on what goal you had in mind when thinking of Burpees. If you want to exercise your arms, you can just do push-ups! And if you want to work out the abdominal muscles in order to lose weight and improve yourself, then prefer the plank exercise, for example.

Do push-ups
Do push-ups

As for cardio, there are many other ways to improve it, which you can find with a trainer, or on the Internet.

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