Discover this great 100% natural way to redefine your chin!

Did you know that there is a technique to rebalance the lower face area naturally? Find out in this article expert advice!

It is true that a well sculpted face is a real blessing. Some even resort to plastic surgery. But have you ever heard about this famous technique that is becoming more and more popular on social networks?

Well, it’s the beauty trick created by Dr. Jun Mi, and meow. This person seems to have the ability to improve the aesthetics of their jaw line. are you interested? Find out in this article everything you need to know about this technique!

Beauty tip: What is a meow?

According to Dr. Lisa Hanrad, a dentist and collaborator at the Happy Brush brand, a meow is a beauty trick that consists of placing the tongue against the roof of your throat while clenching your teeth and closing your lips. If this technique is essential above all medical treatment, at the moment it has gone viral on social networks, in particular tik tok It has more than 300 million views on the platform.

In fact, Tiktok users tend to share many beauty tips to their subscribers. On the platform we can find all kinds of tutorials that tell us how to do sewing correctly. These practices deceive everyone, too.

As a result, meowing has become a staple exercise for people with a double chin! It is correct to admit that having this facial deformity is very unpleasant. It can even lead to complexity for the individual involved. By practicing this beauty trick, you will benefit from a well-defined jaw line and better alignment of the chin and nose.

In addition, the meow also represents other advantages. In addition to the beauty trick, this person can solve various problems of the organism. In fact, according to anecdotal reports, this technique can treat diseases such as: swallowing and breathing problems, speech disorders, sleep apnea, sinusitis, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Steps to implement the iron

Dr. Lisa Hanrad offers two exercises to do this concretely and avoid any discomfort. The first cosmetic trick option is to simply place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and rest regularly between your molars. ” This includes the back of the tongue so that it fits between the molars and the wisdom teeth informed.

She also indicated that you hold your tongue correctly in this position each time you close your jaw. So this beauty trick should be a habit so that it becomes a natural resting position. However, if this practice is completely new to people, it can be quite tiring at first.

In fact, it seems that a person practicing the beauty stunt for the first time should feel a slight pressure in the middle of the jaw, face, and chin. ” It can be tiring at first because the tongue muscles are underdeveloped The specialist said.

The second method of this beauty tip is chewing the tongue. This simply involves pressing the gum to the roof of the throat. Yes, its origin is chewing the tongue. It is enough just to chew solid foods such as: dried meat, raw carrots or nuts. ” It is important here to chew with the back teeth because the front teeth are for biting only. Dr. Lisa Hanrad said.

Beauty tip: other steps to get rid of a double chin

It is necessary to admit that we cannot change the shape of our jaw permanently, naturally after all. This deformity can be caused by weight gain or simply as a result of aging. So it will be necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle based on a well-defined diet. In fact, it can contribute to defining the jaw line. You can combine it with some physical exercises. It might be time to add this beauty tip to your day.

However, you still have to be very vigilant and not trust all the beauty tricks you see everywhere. Be sure to check with a specialist. In fact, trying therapy on your own can be dangerous. Remember to seek the advice of a dentist who will recommend appropriate techniques.

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