Discover our top tips to permanently put an end to glowing skin this year!

It is not always easy to take care of your oily skin, fortunately, we have picked the best beauty tips to help you!

Discover without delay the best tips to take care of your oily skin and put an end to shiny skin!

Beautiful days will soon appear, so it’s the perfect time to take care of yourself, especially your skin. To help you out, we have discovered the most effective tips for you to prevent your skin from shining during the day. So, scroll quickly below to discover them all!

The importance of cleansing when you have oily skin

If you have oily skin that tends to get shiny towards the end of the day, that’s okay. In fact, there are many very effective tricks for finding and maintaining a matte complexion throughout the day.

So, if you have shiny skin, especially in the T-zone, it is very important to cleanse your face well morning and evening.

In the evening, you don’t just have to remove your makeup. In fact, you will then have to cleanse your face with a gel or foam. You will also need to repeat this step in the morning before applying your makeup.

This step will allow you to deeply clean the pores of your skin, but above all to regulate the excess sebum responsible for the shine of your face. Also, don’t forget to moisturize your skin morning and evening. Just because your skin is oily doesn’t mean you shouldn’t moisturize it, quite the opposite!

Get treatments tailored to your skin type

When your skin tends to shine during the day, it is not enough to clean it every day. In fact, it is essential that you complement your daily routine with more specific care.

Thus, to regulate excess sebum secretions, we advise you to apply a mask once or twice a week to your entire face. Some of the active ingredients are particularly effective on oily skin. This is particularly the case for green clay.

The latter will absorb the excess sebum and purify the pores of your skin. It is an all-natural ingredient. We also advise you to peel once a week. Only, in order not to attack your face, chemical peels based on fruit acid are preferred.

This is ideal for oily skin. If you follow this care routine, you will have a perfectly matte complexion in just a few weeks.

Apply makeup when you have oily skin

Make-up is a very important step that will prevent you from shining during the day. For foundation, we advise you to choose products that are somewhat light on the skin, such as BB creams or CC creams. Likewise, combined products will be more effective than liquid foundations. They will stay on your skin better.

Apply makeup when you have oily skin

To make sure your makeup lasts all day, don’t forget to apply primer before you start. This is ideal for oily skin. Finally, you should definitely finish your makeup with a shade of loose powder. The powder will prevent you from glowing and prevent your skin from turning. Now you know all the tricks to avoid shine during the day. All you have to do is apply it and enjoy the result. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed!

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