Cyril Lignac Reveals The Secret Of Sugar Free Chocolate Fondant!

With the holiday approaching, we are all asking ourselves a question: What will the Christmas menu be like? Discover Cyril Lignac’s tips for a dessert that is as delicious as it is healthy and sugar-free!

Chocolates and mini sweets are among the essentials of a successful Christmas menu. And who better to show us the secrets of this type of dessert than the famous Cyril Linnac? Currently in the middle of Le Meilleur Pâtissier, the latter still finds time to guide us through recipes to absolutely test them out to make good little dishes. We tell you more!

There is no sugar on the Christmas menu!

The Christmas menu is often plentiful and flavorful to look forward to. Only here, not always a very healthy food method. And with other end-of-year celebrations, the buildup can quickly be felt on our health.

A situation the French began to avoid. from here you come The success of sugar-free products Retail giants. Even pastry professionals are retraining them to combine sweetness and health.

And Cyril Lignac is no exception to the rule. In fact, the pastry specialist has Some tips for making delicious dessert While using healthy ingredients. So when one of his fans asked him a question: “How to make chocolate fondant without sugar,” the latter did not hesitate to reveal his recipe to us.

The desire to help has become a real meeting point for Christmas menu professionals. In fact, the latter exists On RTL every morning at 8.55 am in the . section Far, aloof, on. It is enough to allow him to give advice and help to those who want to master their method of baking.

How do you replace sugar in your pastries?

According to Cyril Lignac, our Christmas menu this year doesn’t have to be too fancy. Usually we can dispense with it because it can be dangerous to health. But it’s also a way Reinventing the recipes we enjoy Especially during the holiday season.

Thus, “the pastry is much less sweet than before” the latter has reported. But how do we keep the flavor and a little happiness that pastries give us without sugar?

You can replace sugar with coconut sugar. We can find out among the advice of Cyril Lignac. A tip that would be perfect for your next Christmas menu. Especially since coconut sugar goes well with chocolate. Those who dream of a more authentic Christmas menu can try other alternatives to sugar.

This is especially the case with fruits which are also known to be a good alternative. In fact, they add a touch of flavor to your preparation while still staying healthy. Especially since its sweetening power is very important.

Christmas Menu: What About a Fondant Recipe?

Now you have the perfect secret to making a delicious but sugar-free Christmas menu! The recipe suggested by Cyril Lignac requires: 200 gm dark chocolate, 40 gm flour, 3 eggs and 20 gm cornstarch. To replace the sugar, the pastry chef bet the apples. Whatever its varieties, you are sure to have a sweet/tangy taste that will delight young and old alike!

As far as preparation is concerned, that will be necessary first and foremost to melt the chocolate in a water bath. Then mix the flour and cornstarch into the eggs beaten in an omelet previously. You’ll also want to consider making a sugar-free fruit compote. You can add a little vanilla to enhance the taste. Then arrange everything in a mold, taking care to place the compote in the middle. This perfect dessert for a Christmas menu is cooked at 180°C for a few minutes.

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