Crystal Eye is the new trend that will enhance your look this year!

The end of the year makeup trend is very special. If you dream of showing off, try out Crystal Eye!

Have you already thought about your different clothes and accessories? Now is the time to think about dressing up your look!

In fact, make-up can not be improvised. Fortunately, the stars of the small and big screen have something to inspire us! We tell you all about this trend that is starting to emerge!

Party Makeup: Trends Are Coming!

As with fashion, party makeup is not done without prior thought. You have to take into consideration many factors including your skin or the effect you want to have on your appearance. Generally recommended points Make-up specialist pledge.

But when you lack the time or the means, it is quite possible to do it yourself at home. After all, this is not done without some sacrifices! In particular, it will be necessary to observe the instructions of professionals for You have the right techniques. This year, the holidays will be under the sign of rhinestones and sequins. A charming shout out for those who love makeup!

For those who want to be in the makeup trend, the stars have something to inspire us! Ideas abound. This year, we should think about testing the different colors that appear. It must be said that it is no longer a matter of sober embellishment. Quite the opposite, the trend wants a lot of shades.

what we were Brings joy and humor Despite the difficult times we are going through. So the makeup trend of the moment is no longer sober! Change imposes some transformations for those who want originality. Next year will be even bolder. This is also where we got the idea to wear this makeup some ideas!

Crystal eye what exactly?

Haven’t you heard of it yet? Crystal Eye is the new makeup trend to follow today. This last one stands out Use of many beauty accessories. But beware, there is no doubt about using any of them. Rhinestones and sequins in particular will be in the spotlight this time again!

To embrace this makeup trend, small accessories are meant to add more originality to your makeup. So it can be applied to your eyelids like eye shadow. But not only ! Those who want to keep a certain bit of sobriety can opt for accessories instead of eyeliner. This option is the most used.

However, this does not prevent you from using other techniques for the makeup trend. Crystal Eye will stand out perfectly if you choose bright colors. Pink, purple or yellow are especially recommended. And thanks to the gloss, it will add more brightness to your look.

Finally, know that the Crystal Eye will only be really successful if you pay attention to the harmonies. So it means that Choose the colors well To be in the makeup trend. At the same time, avoid overdoing it so the show doesn’t fall into fashion’s fault! So reduce the sequins and rhinestones you use so as not to spoil your look.

Makeup trend: fashion adopted by the stars!

As you will understand, Crystal Eye is the makeup trend that all the stars are fighting for! In addition to everything that makes her beauty. Surely you’ve already seen him on the big red carpets in the past few months.

Dua Lipa and Amanda Gorman are among those who have already tested this makeup trend. An opportunity to add a touch of elegance to their look but also to add a bit of originality to their look. And they are not the only ones! Your Pinterest followers will also have many ideas to copy for adoption.

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