Christina Cordola reveals her secret to getting a glowy face this spring!

Do you dream of a luminous face? Discover Christina Cordola’s makeup tip to improve your face!

Who better to guide you on good practices regarding makeup tips? Christina Cordola is one of those famous influencers who never ceases to inspire us.

Her skills as a fashion designer could no longer be demonstrated. Do you dream of lighting up your face with a simple yet effective trick? The former model reveals the secret of her skin! Find out the details in the following lines of our article.

Makeup tip: Magnifaïk sensation!

Christina Cordola doubles down on her originality to help her fans improve their looks. The TV host has a great ability to improve our style. And if she talks a lot about fashion, The makeup aspect is not left out. If you are looking for makeup advice, the latter’s page offers many ideas.

To help us with this process, Christina Cordola has also done Created a real cosmetics brand. Enough to give you makeup trick ideas to improve your face. The latter is called “Magnifk”, the result of the hard work of the host. his goal? Offer products that adapt to your skin! And the show is quite simply on the promises of Enzo’s mother.

Among its main product range is a concealer that allows you to do so Restore a healthy glow After a long day of work. This makeup tip is ideal for those who often lack sleep but also for those who regularly experience signs of fatigue. Therefore, he promised the beauty of a woman, whatever her age!

But brand Christina Cordola also delivers corrector. This product is one of the essentials of a successful makeup trick! The TV presenter recommends perfecting your make-up for the day. And even more so, if you have flaws that you want to hide. Here again, the result is there and there are already many fans of the brand to vouch for!

How do you light up your face?

As the sun approaches, we can’t neglect the ideas of makeup tricks to illuminate our face. enough to Eliminate the dull side that we’ve been drooling since winter ! In any case, if you suffer from this kind of concern for your skin, then you should be interested in the latest products offered by Magnifaik. It is as easy to apply as it is effective. The brand also guarantees the success of your makeup with it.

To apply it, you will need first the structure of your face. Contouring is a must to accentuate your cheekbones or the areas you like most. This first step is undoubtedly one of the most difficult to achieve. But if you know about makeup, there is no shortage of ideas to enhance your face! Meanwhile, Christina Cordola offers several trick makeup tips for doing this step.

As for any self-respecting beauty junkie, this step is Followed by “face lighting”. Christina Cordola’s makeup trick? You MUST use the Magnifaïk commercial highlighter! However, the latter should be applied in the best possible way to get the best results. As we told you earlier, the brand’s products are also easy to apply, and it only takes a few minutes.

How do you apply it? You just have to apply it to the different strategic areas of your face. The options are varied, but some are more important than others for success with this makeup trick. This involves in particular “The inner corner of the eye, the shortness of the nose, and the heart of the lip”.

Makeup tip: interesting show at Magnifaïk!

As you understand, this makeup tip will be easy to achieve with the best products. That’s why the Magnifaïk brand offers a quality product to help you light up your face. For this, you can trust in “Paris or Rio duo” provided by the brand.

As with all of the brand’s products, these are for a successful makeup trick of the highest quality. You can also count on them to accompany you on a daily basis. In addition to being easy to use, it slips easily into your pocket!

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