Check out our trick for beautiful almond eyes this spring!

Are you looking for almond eyes? Here’s a makeup trick to do just that!

Winter is officially over. It’s time to make room for the sunny days. Who says new season, says new style! It is better to start this period with a little more color.

Prepare to be glamorous this spring by adopting a radiant, radiant look thanks to this makeup tip. For some women, having large, oval-shaped eyes is their ultimate goal. Did you know that there are very practical ways to reproduce this effect without undergoing plastic surgery? It’s in this article!

Makeup tip: Almond eyes?

Nowadays, almond eyes are popular with women. Its elongated oval shape is what distinguishes it! People with this aspect are also lucky compared to others. why ? Simply because this eye shape is easy to install.

In fact, they just need a light streak of brown or black eyeliner. However, don’t lose hope if you don’t naturally have almond eyes. In this makeup tip, we’ll introduce you to Technologies To give the illusion more insight.

But how do you recognize almond eyes? Well, there is nothing simpler. Stand in front of a mirror and focus on a point on your face. You have round eyes. If you look in front of you, you see white below or above your iris. On the contrary, if you cannot see anything, you have almond eyes. However, this makeup tip is valid for both cases.

However, we still wanted to tell you that all eye shapes are beautiful and unique! But for this makeup tip, we’ll focus on those that are the most oval. You better know that applying eyeshadow and eyeliner is much easier than having almond eyes!

The perfect make-up for almond eyes

The majority of people with this particular aspect tend to exaggerate and emphasize the look, while others try to hide it instead. You could say it’s a matter of taste! However, the makeup tip advises to make sure that the thickest part of the eyeliner is in the middle of the upper eyelid.

That is, it is better to draw the lower part of the eye, as well as the upper part. For this, you can use a bolder pencil to draw the middle line well and recreate a rounded shape. This will bring out your beautiful almond eyes. The make-up trick continues into the next paragraph.

To produce this effect stretchedMake sure your eyeliner lines are thicker and straighter. It is also best to draw a comma to give more volume to your look. The application of orange eyeshadow is also necessary for this makeup trick. In fact, it brings a shade that perfectly matches the features of your almond eyes.

For the rest of the makeup trick, press your eyelashes with an eyelash curler for a few seconds. Finish with light layers of mascara and enjoy the fullness and openness of your almond eyes.

Makeup Tip: Trendy Styles You Can Adopt

Nowadays, hiding freckles is no longer necessary. On the contrary, some are even trying to reproduce a fake. In fact, with spring approaching, they have become a huge beauty trend this season. to create this sunny style Which will perfectly match with almond eyes, here is the makeup trick to make it happen!

In this makeup trick, you can use henna, eyeliner, or even eyebrow pencils to draw fake freckles. When making curls, it is better if the eye shadows used are lighter. This will give more luster and shine to your tonsil eyes.

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