All our tips for traveling without spending a fortune this summer!

Summer vacation 2022 is on time and we have to take advantage of it. Did you know that there are aids that you can benefit from during the season?

Needless to say, life is getting harder and harder for some. On the other hand, we thank the country that is always looking for solutions so that everyone can take a summer vacation in 2022.

In fact, the government has provided vacation aid, so you can travel alone or with your family. Find out how to take advantage of it.

Summer Vacation 2022: Help from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF)

The purchasing power of the French is at its worst. This is the reason why many people are deciding to stay at home during the summer holidays 2022. Anyway, read to the end anyway as the help that will be mentioned below can change your mind. Indeed, everyone can benefit from it, whether young people, children, the elderly or the disabled…etc.

We will start with a VACAF that could allow some families to go on summer vacation in 2022. Indeed, CAF will cover all travel and accommodation costs as well as children’s activities. To benefit from this assistance, you must have at least a family allowance (family allowance or family support).

The amount offered for summer vacation 2022 depends on several factors. This includes the family quotient, family composition, and vacation formula. Besides, you must have a courier Coming from your CAF If you are eligible for this offer. Otherwise, you are unfortunately ineligible.

If you are among the beneficiaries, you must respect these terms before going on summer vacation 2022. First of all, you must He leaves with his children And choose the school vacation periods to take the trip. Next, your destination should be on the list provided by your CAF. Finally, your stay must not exceed 14 nights.

Other help for low-income people

To go on summer vacation 2022, you can also take advantage of it Holiday CouponsWhether you are employed or unemployed. These checks are allocated by the employer or by a social organization and paid in the form of a token pay slip. The amount can range from 10 to 50 euros to cover the expenses of the beneficiary: hotel, restaurant, plane ticket, car rental, museum, etc.

There are also summer holiday vouchers 2022 for low-income people whose family income does not exceed 900 euros. This is Vacation Venture Assistance (APV) intended for low-income families, the disabled, and isolated adults. With this help, these people He will pay only 20% of their expenses as the rest is covered by the agency.

Apart from that, young people between the ages of 18-25 who earn no more than 17,280 euros per year can benefit from the “Départ 18 – 25 ans” programme. The same applies to those who are on a scholarship or on a professional training contract. Provided that you pass the eligibility test. If the outcome is decisive, he can choose a place for his summer vacation 2022 at It’s the agency that will take care of 80% of their expenses If the latter does not exceed 250 euros.

There is also help for people over 60 years old. To do this, they can get acquainted with the “Seniors on Vacation” program, especially if they have a file Precise financial situation. For information purposes, retirees or people who do not have a professional activity can benefit from this assistance provided that they reside in France.

Make your summer vacation 2022 easier with the following offers!

SNCF can offer you summer holidays 2022 by reducing round-trip costs by 25%. this can reach 50% If you paid half of your ticket with holiday vouchers. To take advantage of it, you must be a subscriber to their package and not choose a route exceeding 200 km. This offer is only available once a year and during your vacation. For more information on this topic, you can contact their point of sale.

There is also the help of the Social and Economic Commission (CSE) which allows you to take advantage of cheaper summer holidays in 2022. In addition, there is Assistance from the mutual company Who can offer you subsidized travel or subsidized vacation rentals. However, there are still many others, but it is better to ask your city council for the necessary information.

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