A new series centered around the character of Arya Stark is in the works!

A brand new series inspired by the wonderful universe of Game of Thrones is currently being prepared!

Good news for all fans of the iconic Game of Thrones series! In fact, we just learned that a new show that focuses on the character of Arya Stark is currently being prepared.

Get ready to find the young lady for all new adventures rich in discoveries and encounters!

Game of Thrones, one of the most popular programs around the world

Once released, the Game of Thrones series established itself as a great revelation in the fantasy world. Adapted from the epic novels by George Martin, the series was an instant hit. Thus, the latter takes place in a fantasy world borrowed from magic and power struggles.

The Kingdom of Westeros is divided into seven territories, each ruled by a different lord. At the head of these seven crowns is one king who sits on the Iron Throne. Although he won the throne by war, Robert Baratheon is still considered by some as a usurper. Thus, many families wish to take back the throne.

The Lannisters and Targaryens would do anything to become the next family to rule the Seven Crowns. The series is particularly concerned with the Stark family, which rules Winterfell, one of the kingdoms of the North. Very soon the King, Ned Stark will become his advisor and will leave for the capital with his two daughters.

Between political intrigue, power struggles, murder, and romance, Game of Thrones is a series you’re not likely to get bored of for a second. If the series ends after eight seasons a while ago, work will be done on a new program. We tell you more below.

A series centered on Arya Stark is in the making

A few days ago, we learned that a series centered around the Jon Snow character is in the works. It seems that this is not the only good news for fans of the Game of Thrones series.

Thus, it turns out that another program inspired by one of the other characters in the series is also in the pipeline. In fact, there is a series revolving around the character of Arya Stark as well. So you’re not done with the Game of Thrones universe yet. This program should follow the girl on all her adventures within the kingdom.

A new series inspired by Game of Thrones is in the works

Remember that while her sister Sansa has returned to rule the North, Arya decides to go exploring. So the young woman left to discover new territories. It seems unlikely that other Game of Thrones characters will be present on this new show.

In fact, Arya has left the Seven Crowns and must meet new people. With these two new series set, Game of Thrones fans should be more than happy! Especially since a film about the Targaryen family has already been filmed and will be released next summer.

What is the release date of this new series inspired by Game of Thrones?

If the Arya Stark-focused series is currently in the works, no official release date has been revealed at the moment. In fact, just like the Jon Snow show, filming hasn’t even started yet. So you will have to be patient before you can discover this brand new series on all your screens.

Thus, you cannot hope to find Arya for new adventures before the end of the year 2023 or even 2024. Don’t worry, your patience will be rewarded with a great program!

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