The haircut from your high school years goes back to the fall/winter 2022 season!

This season, your hair will have to adopt the star hairstyle of your high school years if you want to be trendy!

Whether in fashion or hair, fall and winter will be marked by the arrival of many new trends. So, to your surprise, the star hairstyle of your high school years is making a big comeback this season.

Something that takes you back a few years. So, quickly scroll below to see which one it is!

Vintage invites you to your hair this fall and winter

Autumn is slowly emerging and temperatures are already starting to cool. A new period of the year is about to start and it brings with it completely new directions that you will have to embrace.

Thus, whether in the world of fashion, beauty or hairdressing, the season will be rich in novelties. Especially in regards to the hair world, a new hairstyle, ultimately not as new as this one, will make its way.

It turns out that you actually played sports during your high school years. So, this season, the half ponytail will be the haircut you will see everywhere. Something to bring back a few years.

All you have to do is recall your old memories to help you achieve them. What is certain is that the half-tail will be on everyone’s minds all season.

Wear the half tail to be on trend this fall

You understood it well, so the half-tail will be the most fashionable hairstyle of the upcoming season. So you have to ask yourself how you would be able to wear it without looking like a high school girl.

Don’t worry, this is a hairstyle that you can wear perfectly in your daily life. What is practical with the half-tail is that you can achieve it regardless of the length of your hair. Unless you have very short hair, you can wear it without any problem.

This hairstyle can also be adapted to all hair types. Whether your hair is fine, curly or wavy, a half ponytail will be your best ally this season. You can also adopt this hairstyle in any circumstances.

The latter is rather elegant and feminine. So you can even style your hair like this to go to work or go to a party. This hairstyle will go with any of your outfits, from the most casual to the most sophisticated. So you know what you have to do!

How do you get this hairstyle easily in your hair?

You definitely really want to test the half-tail now. Rest assured, this is not a hairstyle that will be very complicated to achieve. Whatever your level or experience in this field, you should manage it without facing any particular difficulty. You will need to start by brushing your hair. Try to tighten your roots well and polish them. After that, all you have to do is divide your hair into two roughly equal parts.

You will only have to tie the top into a ponytail. You can also tie it up as a small bun. If you want the result to last longer, you can fix your hairstyle with a bit of hairspray. Then the latter should not move all day. In just five minutes, you’ll have already finished brushing your hair. Therefore, the half-tail is the perfect solution for all those who do not have time to style their hair in the morning. So it’s up to you!

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