Here’s how to hide your white hair and refresh your look with this trendy color!

White hair is a matter of taste. Some assume this while others prefer to camouflage it with dyes. There is a color trend loved by stars to incorporate their white hair into its color and without masking it.

Of course, gray hair is not suitable for everyone. It could very well be Stylish with gray hair. Although it is a coloring trend.

Some people still find it difficult to see them grow on their heads. Have you wanted to hide it more with color but don’t know how to make the transition? How about this idea: mix it up with your hair color?

Zigzag highlights: color direction

for to take care of White hair and no longer having to camouflage it behind layers of dye, Tom Smith has found the solution. He developed a color trend whose secret is to see white hair as a new shade of color. In addition to incorporating dye into hair colour.

This Herringbone Highlights technology is called Sweep the fish bone In French, it consists of mixing several shades of color with white hair. The result ? Glossy and bright effect. To achieve this color trend, Tom Smith explains that you have to ask your stylist to mix cool and warm shades while evenly incorporating white hair.

But as the expert points out: Gray hair tends to arrive in some way scatter. Therefore, your hair stylist should not be regular in their way of setting out the tones for a more natural result. From this coloring trend, we can say that this style is indeed popular among the stars!

If you can handle your white hair, but don’t want to go through stages Draw the borders and rootsThere is definitely a way. This is not a color trend but rather cutting your hair very short. Next, put pepper and salt in the nuances to get your natural color.

The appearance of white hair can be delayed due to food

The protein It is a natural color direction. It helps maintain the original color of the hair and is against white hair. Hair is mostly made up of protein: it contains keratin. Providing it regularly will only strengthen it. Whoever says long, pigmented hair says strong and healthy hair!

The animal protein It certainly plays a minor role in the top color trend but plays an important role in keeping your scalp as strong as possible. Among these foods we can find fish, white meat, red meat, eggs … As part of an eating diet, everything is possible according to your desires and tastes.

There too, the choice is wide for vegetarians. That’s right, you should have healthy hair before starting the color trend! Therefore, it is recommended to eat legumes such as beans, chickpeas and lentils to delay the appearance of white hair. There’s also seaweed, tofu, and some protein-rich vegetables like mushrooms and broccoli.

The essential fatty acids Like Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential for health. They are also components of products for the coloring trend. They are used in various cosmetics because they delay the appearance of any signs of aging such as wrinkles, dry skin or loss of elasticity.

Is it possible to dye your hair with coffee to get a color trend?

Mix with shampoo coffee It works as a dye for brown and brown hair. A shimmering color trend to conceal roots and white hair. It is true that this trick may seem strange, but nonetheless it works! Influencer salomebbvt demonstrated this in a TikTok video. The latter posted a video showing how to color her hair with soluble coffee.

the girl with Brown hair She explains that she came across this technique and wanted to test it on her blonde hair. Its recipe is very simple, because it requires only soluble coffee, water and a teaspoon of the mask. Note that the dosage depends on the area to be covered. Its application is easier: just leave the substance on the desired wick for an hour and then rinse. Since then, it has gone viral and is one of the must-follow tips for getting a color trend!

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