The 3 colors all women will want to wear during the fall/winter 2022 season!

It’s time to find out which nail polish colors you should wear this fall and winter!

Discover without delay the three nail polish colors that all women will want to wear this fall and winter!

With this new time of the year, new trends are emerging, especially in the field of beauty. So, if you want to go stylish for the tips of your nails, quickly go below!

Dark blue, trendy and elegant fall nail polish

As you know, fall and winter are about to begin. The latter will also be marked by the arrival of many new trends, particularly in the world of beauty. So, to be the most stylish of the season, every detail counts.

Therefore, you should not forget to pay attention to your manicure. To do this, you will have to choose between several different colors. For example, you can choose a manicure in dark blue.

It turns out that dark blue will be very popular this fall. You’re in luck because it’s a very stylish shade. It goes well with many colors. You will only have to be careful if you decide to adopt the appearance of colored squares.

It is essential that your nails match the outfit you are wearing. For a sophisticated style, we advise you to avoid styles that will not be appropriate. All you have to do is get started!

Burgundy, timeless and easy to wear

If you’re not a big fan of blue, that’s fine. Don’t worry, it’s not the only nail polish color that will be trending next season. You can also choose burgundy nail polish.

This shade will be everywhere this season, and it has to be said that it is a color for the occasion. Burgundy is a timeless color that you can wear without risk. This is a very feminine and elegant nail polish.

So you can wear it in all conditions. Whether you are on your way to work or to a party, you are sure to impress. Choosing a burgundy manicure, you do not have the risk of causing a bad taste. This manicure will also match the vast majority of your outfit.

You will just have to avoid red or pink colors which will not look very good. However, all other colors are allowed. All you have to do is choose the outfit to wear for your new manicure. So now it is up to you!

Nude nail polish is back this season

All those who love nature will be happy. Indeed, this fall and winter, the trend turns out to be sobriety in the field of beauty. Therefore, whether it is for your manicure or even for your makeup, you must have a light hand. To be trendy, you have to embrace the nude trend. On your nails, you will have to choose a fairly conservative nail polish. The result should be as natural as possible.

You can then choose a very light pink or peach powder, or even a sheer polish. The goal is to strengthen your nails without overdoing it. At least with this manicure you can wear your most extravagant outfit. You won’t have to worry about color matching. If you like vintage, then the French manicure will also be very popular in the upcoming season. Something takes you back a few years. So you know what you need to do to be stylish at your fingertips this fall and winter!

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