What haircut should you wear based on your face shape this fall?

Choosing a haircut for 2022 mainly depends on the shape of your face. Here are the most popular things we can recommend!

Summer is the perfect season to change up your look. In fact, it’s a period of renewal, and if you’ve ever thought about changing your wardrobe, why not do it for your hair as well?

Especially it’s a way to take care of your skin after wearing it in a bun all winter long. But which 2022 World Cup suits you best? Here are some tips to keep in mind depending on your face shape!

Hairstyle 2022: What is the hairstyle for small faces?

The first step in choosing a hairstyle for 2022 is to determine the shape of your face. Those Who The number is somewhat round You will have many options available. The most important thing is to find a hairstyle that gives the impression of elongating your face to accentuate it. And ideas are not lost if you want to go to the hairdresser! You can especially test a long pixie. This short cut but with long locks in the front will flatter the shape of your face.

If you want to choose a more classic haircut for 2022, know that asymmetric hairstyles will also be welcome. enough to straighten your hair without making a big change. Some will even be able to add a fringe to their mop to style their hair even more. However, be careful not to stretch it too much while risking hiding a large part of your face. So it is all a matter of betting on the harmony between your hair and your features!

You have heart shaped face ? The latter is very similar to a square face. Features that cannot be considered an end without weakening them. The recommended 2022 haircut for this year is nothing but a long haircut. Longer than the other cuts we mentioned before, you’ll improve your face.

In fact, the goal above all else is to frame your face. And even if the trend in terms of the 2022 haircut is very short, it will not prevent you from being on top of fashion. We must not forget that everything is a matter of strengthening above all else.

What about the owners of thin faces?

Sheet features are very obvious to those who The face is elongated. Therefore, it is important to give volume through the 2022 haircut. The ideal hairstyle would be the wavy square. The latter will enhance your face thanks to curls if they are well defined. However, be careful not to overdo it, as it will have the opposite effect of what we are looking for. Especially since this type of line is often longer than average.

margin It is also recommended if you have an elongated face. The latter will orchestrate your 2022 story presentation. However, you should avoid excessive acronyms at the risk of spoiling your look even more. Likewise, it is not recommended to use a hairstyle with very long locks. This will only bring out the “long” side of your features.

oval face shape It is also one of those considered good. Like the one we just showed you before, it will not be highlighted by a very short haircut 2022. Likewise, it is not recommended to go for a lot of volume if you want to keep the subtle features and create a certain harmony in your look.

If this type of line can embrace most of the trendy haircut ideas of 2022, it will be especially highlighted by a mid length bob. A little fringe on the side will flatter everything like Taylor Swift’s recently hit mane. So they are not the ideas you are missing out on before your visit to your hairdresser!

Cup 2022: Don’t forget to save them!

Once you have chosen the right haircut 2022 to enhance your features, do not forget to visit your hairdresser regularly. In fact, regrowth can change everything. Especially since thenNew hairstyle keep it up to maintain its luster.

Above all, feel free to use accessories to enhance your 2022 haircut. Headband, barrettes or even scarves, there are plenty of ideas to enhance your features and hair!

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