Find out whether it is possible to freeze potatoes or not …

After the pasta, the potatoes are in the stars. However, once the meal is over, the freezer winks in your face!

Potatoes like you’ve never read them before!

In the restaurant, we are no longer surprised to see potatoes on the menus. In fact, in this case, it’s not just about the sauce, it’s about more cooking. In addition, depending on the device used or its parts, you can get a result that will exceed your expectations. Only here, there is a problem with increasing food waste, and we do not want to be a part of those polluting the planet with their waste. This is the reason for our organization Keep leftovers for as long as possible. You never know, evenings of lack of inspiration in the kitchen, will come in time. Obviously, the freezer remains our best ally! Come, let’s go, we will explain how to kill two birds with one stone.

Raw or cooked potatoes are on the rise!

After you unload your groceries, you wonder where to store your potatoes. If it is still raw, it is impossible to put it with frozen foods. In fact, to prevent them from becoming toxic, they have need whitening. Thanks to our procedures, you will become a worthy expert top chef. After washing, peeling and chopping them, immerse them in boiling water. When it comes to the timer, focus on the size of the potatoes. The larger the pieces, the greater the minutes. Attention, it’s 10 minutes max. Once it appears, remove the excess liquid and you are done!

Which container is best suited?

Sold a package airtight containers You have the wind in the magnifying glass. You can even write the name of the recipe on it, it’s magic. If you don’t have one on hand, Objeko We recommend that you buy freezer bags. Found next to its trashy cousins, it can be spotted easily due to its thinness and compression mechanism. It is perfect for ice cubes or sauces. After testing them for potatoes, it’s hard to live without them!

Quality Support

French fries, and salty beaks love it. Of course, there are ready-made products in the supermarket. Gone, warned since the pizza call betonyTeamObjeko I suggest you practice at home! after you get it Small cubes and friedThey will slide more easily into this plastic box.

Is baby puree suitable for this method of preservation?

If you are used to mashing With cream and milkFreezing is not a good idea. Once you cook the grits in the microwave, they will have a strange taste. The goal is not to get sick, right? Of course, you have to wait for the potatoes to cool before taking any action.

The art or method of keeping homemade french fries intact

A fan of potato sticks, this tip should change your life. After washing them twice, cook them in an oil bath. For those watching their weight, do not hesitate to remove the excess fat with a piece of tissue paper. As usual, A little patience required before freezing. In short, after performing this small ritual, you can be proud of yourself! You can see we can manage better than a great chef!

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