Pay attention to these 5 foods that are thought to be healthy but absolutely aren’t!

A healthy diet relies on vegetables and fruits, but not only. Among the consumer products believed to be healthy are these five.

In recent years, it has become necessary to follow a healthy diet. However, when you are the type who is in a hurry all the time, you will often use the services of large distribution companies.

But from now on, be careful when choosing your products. Because these reducers can easily deceive us. Here is a list of foods that we think are healthy but absolutely not!

Really healthy diet

First, we have bread, which is the staple food of the French. Of course, it is present in the table of a healthy diet. However, it should be noted that it should be made in a traditional way and without preservatives. In fact, this food item is made from whole grains and is very nutritious. These 100% natural products contain a large portion of nutrients and fiber.

Just , Processed bread removes the bran and germs from the grains To give it a soft feel. Thus, the blood sugar level of this product is affected. In fact, white bread, which claims to have the same properties as natural bread, is completely different from the latter. And in this context, white bread is a food that has a very high glycemic index.

To substantiate these assertions, it should be noted that bread made from 100% whole grain and stone-ground has a glycemic index of less than 55. While processed bread conveys a higher percentage of degree 70 To increase the level of glucose in the body. Moreover, the components of this diet are also questionable as we can find traces of phytic acid. Note that this element cannot be absorbed by the body.

For a healthy diet, Choose 100% ground bread.. The whole grain used to make it still sprouts, making it a very reliable product. This is not the case with white bread which puts consumers at risk of developing diabetes. But bread is not the only product that can undergo such a maneuver!

Other foods to avoid

The desire to lose weight can lead some people to make an ill-considered decision. For this reason, suppliers or manufacturers make them easy prey for them. We can also cite diet soda as an unhealthy diet. While many consumers think it is a healthier version of old soda. All this thanks to the absence of sugar in its components.

However, note that the non-nutritive sweeteners like aspartame found in this type of soda are more dangerous than sugar. In order to prove these assertions, a study conducted in America and published in the Journal of Research in Nursing & Health showed the facts. This diet annoying people. But in addition, a study conducted since 2017 has proven that sweeteners have no effect on weight loss.

But we can also be martyred Fruit juices and juices. This fruit based diet is supposed to be a good component to balance our daily diet. And that’s right, when you make your own juice the juice in question. Indeed, in this case, we will not use any external component, but in addition to this, we pay real attention to what we add to our drink. The problem arises when using manufactured products.

First of all, be aware that industries put aside an essential aspect of these diets: fiber. Both juice and Conditioning juice loses essential nutrients which the fruits bring. This is because of the preservatives that manufacturers add in the final presentation. But most importantly, these processed products significantly increase the blood sugar levels in the body.

vegan diet

The agave syrup It is also a food that we should completely avoid. Since it is a sweetener that can replace sugar, many people turn to it. Although this food does not cause a sudden rise in blood sugar levels, the fructose in this food increases the risk of obesity. The liver cannot process it if you consume too much of it.

Finally, a diet that contains a Mix of nuts Industries are bad for your health, too. Again, homemade mixtures pose no health risk. However, the situation completely changes when dealing with manufactured products. In fact, the latter contains ingredients that are absolutely not recommended by nutritionists.

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