Here’s the new trend you should embrace at all costs for Fall 2022!

Nail Slugging is a new manicure trend spotted on Tiktok. Here’s how to adopt it perfectly!

Banging nails doesn’t sound like the sexiest thing in the world. But once you see it on TikTok, you may change your mind. In fact, some fashion designers have reconsidered this style of manicure!

Now it has become a real trend on the podium. For more details, we give you an appointment in the following lines! for your readings!

Manicure: This new trend echoed on Tiktok!

As part of another beauty hack that is spreading widely on the popular social media platform, sluggish nails She is the little sister of “Skin Care”. Last, the benefits we learned about last year. Sure, we really find everything on this platform! Be it beauty tips, like hair styling, manicure, or whatever.

As a reminder, the file slow skin care Moisturize the skin mainly by coating your face with Vaseline. Or with other petroleum products before bed and after your usual nightly skin care routine. Along the same lines, a “nail-slow” manicure consists in keeping as much moisture as possible on the nail bed.

In other words, the main focus of this new nail trend is very simple! It’s finally goodbye to your brittle nails. Especially since its maintenance requires only a few things. Its other advantage is that you can practice it yourself!

How is the process of cleaning nails? Has it become a viral topic? on TikTok? And what exactly is this manicure? Perhaps these are the questions you are asking yourself right now. And for your satisfaction, we will give you an answer that meets all your expectations. Then we will make an appointment for you in the following paragraphs!

The essential things you need to know!

Before everything, We have to take care of our nails Because trends in this area are very important right now. Moreover, it has always been a novelty in manicures. Nowadays, experts are obsessed with acrylic! But also, by nail polish and everything in between.

And this is the way nail art It has become one of the main means of expression in the world of beauty. In fact, you can find them literally in all styles. So much so that we no longer know what to choose!

However, this often leads us Not taking regular breaks. And we often don’t take care of our nails properly. And that lack of maintenance always makes them look a little run down! Hence the need to do a manicure at least once every two weeks!

This is what skin care expert Dr. Charles MD explains in an informative video posted on Twitter. “I’ve heard about taking care of your skin, but what about your nails?” he wrote! The new manicure trend has also gone viral because of main ingredient !

Manicure: Vaseline, this versatile ingredient!

We all know that acrylates (ingredients of nail products) Nails can be damaged. For the non-expert, this is an ingredient often found in manicure products! Chilling the nail bed can strengthen the nails and protect them from water damage. For example, it appears that Dr. Charles uses Vaseline to file his nails. By telling his followers: “This must be done daily!”

The beauty community on TikTok was quick to follow suit and give it a try. Another user of TikToklovefreshpaint was fast spreading with his own version nail paint. To do this, simply massage a drop of pure vegetable oil onto your skin. Be it castor beans, sweet almonds, jojoba, apricots, etc.

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