The presenter of the Queens of Shopping program reveals her secret to having a dream character!

Diet plays an important role in losing weight. Former supermodel Christina Cordola tells us more.

Christina Cordola is always appreciated for her elegance and physique, and she relates her beauty reveal and fitness tips.

Not long ago, the former supermodel gave tips on how to make dark circles disappear from her Instagram account. Today, we get to know her food trends.

Christina Cordola: Do you like vegan and organic foods sometimes?

In terms of food intake and nutritionMagnifaik, the founder of the brand, has her own little habits. It is suggested to change but also to balance the food consumed during the meal. Practically speaking, how is it placed on Christina Cordola’s plate?

For her part, the small-screen star puts half a vegetable and a quarter starchy on the same plate. But he also doesn’t forget the quarter devoted to plant or animal protein. So Christina Cordola will prioritize the vegan diet.

In fact, the Queen of Shopping presenter believes that it is best to eat fruits and vegetables every day. Contrary to the official recommendations that recommend a total of five fruits and vegetables per day, Cristina Cordula is up to seven, that is, two fruits and five vegetables.

To be clear, she did not fail to add that vegetables from organic farming remain the best option. In general, for Christina Cordola, a healthy and balanced diet should be vegetarian and natural.

Eat less fat and choose a healthy cooking method

Regarding nutrition, Christina Cordola points out thatThe presence of saturated fats in the body unhealthy. In particular, it leads to the appearance of bad cholesterol. A condition that in turn increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. It would be wise, in this case, to limit the consumption of foods containing this class of substances in large quantities.

Christina Cordola notes among these products of vegetable origin. It is always good to cook your meal. But this remains insufficient as long as one does not choose the correct method of cooking. For Christina Cordola, that means steaming with an oven or skillet. This is the safest way to absorb the least amount of fat. That is why Christina Cordola is reluctant to regularly resort to frying.

Last but not least, water remains an important factor in health. The TV host shares the same opinion and suggests consuming one and a half liters per day. This includes the most natural way to cleanse the body. Christina Cordola reminds us in this regard that water helps the digestive system transport nutrients.

The advice we find here is part of the advice Christina Cordola gave in her book, Be Yourself. Those who want to deepen their reading will find the details in this book. This will also allow them to discover other tips regarding nutrition and food. Also on social networks, this celebrity continues to share her experiences as a fashion and cosmetics professional.

Christina Cordola, balance your consumption of salt, sugar and water!

At home, salt and sugar are among the most indispensable products. The TV host, however, advises against Excessive consumption of these spices. According to her, they are the cause of some disorders in the body. Sugar in particular accelerates weight gain when consumed in large quantities. In this sense, Christina Cordola suggests eating sweets with a reduced frequency.

Same thing with processed foods. The latter contain hidden salts, and their consumption contributes to an increase in the level of salt in the body. In addition to promoting the presence of saturated fats in the body, these types of food can increase the presence of salt. In adult women, salt intake should be limited to 6.5 grams per day.

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