Do you know what diet you should follow based on your blood type?

Do you know the concept of slimming diet according to blood type? This is what it actually is.

You have certainly heard of a slimming diet according to your blood type. Did you know that it has effects that sparked a lot of debate?

Studies by researchers at the University of Toronto tell us more. Is it really effective based on your blood type? Here are all the details!

Slimming system according to blood type

It was naturopathic doctor Peter D’Adamo who popularized The Blood Type Slimming Diet, through the bestselling book “Eat the right food for your type”. This book has been translated into 52 languages. According to his theory, most chronic diseases, including obesity, are caused by incompatibility between our diet and blood type. So he concluded a slimming diet.

More specifically, the incompatibility between files Dietary lectins and our red blood cells would stimulate the pathogenic process. Therefore, it is recommended to follow a slimming diet according to each blood group.

This slimming diet has the following main characteristics. For group O, only foods rich in animal protein should be eaten. Group A should eat vegetarian. So more vegetables and some grains. Those in group B are the only ones who can eat dairy. However, they should not consume wheat, corn or potatoes. For the last group, AB, they alternate with systems A and B.

One study evaluated the effects of four weight loss diets with four blood types. It turns out that if the diet does make some positive changes, it appears to be independent of the blood type of the person exercising it. Which basically means that whatever your group, you can follow the diet that seems to work for you.

A diet without physiological bases

The theory linking the prevention of chronic disease to the diet of the four blood types lacks a physiological basis. Although one might realize that there is some kind of relationship between blood type and risk of disease. Therefore, we tend to find fewer type 2 diabetes in group B and a lower risk of blood clots in group O. But what about using it to choose a slimming diet?

On the one hand, lectins can cause hypersensitivity reactions. But going from there to say they can produce antitumor effects on the other hand wouldn’t be likely. Indeed, as proteins, they are broken down during digestion under the influence of pepsin. Therefore, the effects of these diets for weight loss are questionable.

But in any case, this practice has advocates and ardent followers. Hence the interest in this study conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto. The survey was conducted on 1,455 adults between the ages of 20 and 29. The investigators collected their nutritional and blood group data from the latter. They aim to show the effects of the slimming diet to the people who follow it.

We can say that these diets for slimming have noticeable effects. There was a big change in followers. According to the survey results, it is ineffective if you follow it according to your blood type. In general, these are the effects that have already been observed with this diet.

Effects of a slimming diet by group

The results indicated that these types of diets for fat loss were effective, but were independent of the group. For example, following diet A is associated with lower body mass index (BMI) and a smaller waist circumference. Lower blood pressure as well as insulin and triglyceride levels. This in itself is not surprising for those who mainly eat vegetables.

Adherence to the O diet is associated with lower triglycerides. Which also shouldn’t be surprising with a low-carb diet, with no added sugars or alcohol. But a cross-check of the data shows that weight loss diets work regardless of blood type. In other words, dieting is the answer. And not the fact that dieting would correlate with your blood type.

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